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Hello!! Omg sorry this is so late! It's been a few years but I believe every item has to be used to complete the game. Try talking to grays that didn't do anything before, like the one walking around the plant. Hope that helps!! 

Oh gosh, Of course!! thank you ; O ; Feel free to send me links!!! i love watching people play! <3 

Ah! Thanks so much for playing and for the lets play too! it was a really fun watch!! and soo soooo much for the very kind words, they really mean a lot. <3 

Thank you so much for playing!! yeah that rng is so tough that you have to use last resort twice lol. there's actually a secret petty if you lose 3 times the boss will go easier on you. <3 

Oh gosh, Thank you!! really loved the video, it was such a fun watch!! <3 

That Dio joke!! omg, lmao thanks so much for the video and for playing!! <3 

Oh gosh, sorry it wasn't your cup of tea. thanks for playing anyway! <3 

Lmao, oh gosh. Thanks so much for playing!!! <3 

AH! Thank you! <3 and thanks so much for the video! 

Omg! Thanks so much for playing!! you can actually talk to and walk through all the character, it's that way bc it was crazy easy to get stuck behind them and have to restart lmao. I deff should have added some dialogue to indicate that though. thanks for the critiques, I'll keep them in mind for my next game. The video was a fun watch! <3 

oh gosh hi! There's a hint on the poster in the room with the soup pot and shop!