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Same poster here, was able to retrieve my initial account where I bought the extension (yay).

After removing the character I still have a problem. My server windows keep closing up after starting the game.

Here is the error message the server window output :

[905a9674|] ready! 2 live files, 0 globalvars, 1 macro, 50 scripts, 0 enums.
Called from ? line 1
Called from live/server/GmlLiveServer.hx line 292
Called from C:\Tools\Dev\Haxe\haxe\std/neko/_std/sys/net/Socket.hx line 152
Uncaught exception - std@socket_write

If someone have a resolution for this. I am using GMS2 lastest version and runtime on windows. If I make a small project the extension work perfectly but unfortunatly it does not work on my main project. Can't tell why =S

Hey! Thank you so much for your quick answer! 

You sir are the god of Game maker!

Hey! Firtly thank you so much for GMLive, cannot believe I was working on a game for nearly a year without it (my compiling time was over 15 minutes each time and was about to migrate to a new engine because of this).

On the other hand, I tried GMedit today but have a little problem. Is it possible for changes made in GMEdit to appear live in GM:S2 ?

As for now, on the same project if I make a modification in GMEdit, the modification doesn't appears in GM:S2 (even after saving and reloading project).

Many thanks my dude.