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It rather feels like the second half of the game lacks a lot of necessary clues in order to work out who is who.  I've nailed down every person that the School Notes gives me information about, and the whole soccer team, but after that... I really don't have any clue how to progress.  There's just too many missing clues.

Out of curiosity, is there any kind of an update on printable versions?

It did seem like it would be intensely traumatic having a 50% chance of mutating...

D4?  Is that supposed to be D20?  Center column shows results for rolls of 1-20 on a d4...

No worries :)  Looking forward to seeing what kind of feels come from this.  Hard to go wrong with a bit of magical realism

...can't tell if 'meaning in the void' means there's not supposed to be a file here and that's the whole point, or if it's just a missing file.

I'd love to know which Sobchack book is being referenced in the second +wis text-based bit. :)

Aha!  I didn't realize the doll type was set at New Game; I played through with a single save that I reloaded to on each game over.

Out of curiosity, which one is the special Goth ending?  Was that the strings?

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Oh, this is some wonderful stuff.  Interesting combat system (though I was a little unclear on just what Water/Stone were actually doing and how they were helping me, although I was on the Turn Mode rather than Active Mode; maybe that would make a difference), and some lovely artwork for the whole thing.

That said, I will say that a couple of things disappointed me.  First: While I love all of the looks that were there, I was a little disappointed that only the Goth and Dancer ones were available as ways for one to end as a doll.  I totally get why Dancer is where it is; there would be a lot of extra artwork needed otherwise.  However, I was more than a little surprised that only Goth ever happened with the earlier situations.  Given that the ending screens for the doll endings don't make it clear just which doll is Mary, I might have expected it to be more random.  Or maybe I just really wanted to run around as Princess Mary for a bit.

Second, and this is perhaps more of a nitpick, but:  If you lose in a battle against one of the Resin Dolls, while the transformation you undergo into a doll is different, along with the character artwork being an alternate hue, everything after you regain control of Mary is simply a replay of the normal Doll ending path.  It seemed surprising to me that Resin Mary would remember having undergone the same plastification process that the normal dolls do, along with subjecting her sisters to the syringe rather than the same process she underwent.  Similarly, I might have expected different ending text (and perhaps a palette swap on the ending screen) given that the Resin Dolls are explicitly described as being a sort of warrior caste within the Manor, as opposed to the lesser dolls running around alongside them.

Also, though maybe this is just me not quite understanding what's going on, is there somewhere to view all the endings, or do I need to have a big pile of save files for that?

One last thing:  I wouldn't mind it if there was an Endless Mode of sorts that unlocked upon reaching endings 5, 6, or 10.  Could be fun to have something akin to the way that House of Pandemonium plays in Corruption Mode, where you can train up your own plastic army.  Maybe get to know Eileen a little better at the same time... :)

Well, it'd be the right time, since the same jam is going on now...

I need to take the time to actually learn my way around something far enough to make some games of my own, for that matter.  Too many ideas, not enough skills., stumbling across this out of the blue...  I hadn't realized just how much I've missed Puzzlebox, even without having been a particularly TS-focused player.  And yet, somehow I knew that was what I was going to find when I clicked on 'Lemarchand'.  And then that opening screen...  confirmed it.

And finding Torque working on the music engine brought it all back.

I really need to bring the musical cyberfairy back out of semi-retirement...