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Getting everything is rather simple, but if you need some help I'll explain the system.

The true end is unlocked by getting AT LEAST two points while a special scene is unlocked by getting all four points. You get one point just for playing, then another for every "correct" choice you make afterwards. The "correct" choices are: 1, 1, 2.

If you've already gotten the true end, just pick the opposite of what I said and you'll unlock the bad end :P

The game’s available for download right now

Kenji’s reaction to being asked about Aoba is surprise because “How does this guy who’s lived with us for a few months know about someone I knew over a decade ago?” But when reminiscing, he’s happy about it because, as he said “Although [he] lost [his] mother, it felt like [he] still had both parents.” And it’s then that he realizes that Rintaro and Aoba were more than friends, and Kenji is disappointed that his father wasn’t open about the relationship.

As for his “jealousy” Rintaro really is spending less time with him. Imagine if the only person in your life started telling you “I can’t hang out, I have other things to do” and starts to distance themselves. Meanwhile l, your new roommate is getting all schmoozy with them. Not hard to put two and two together and figure out why you’re getting ignored.

The choices decide if you see the true or bad ends. There's a point system in-game. Get below a certain score and you get the bad end. And there's no issue in Daichi's desires. Its just that he became involved with the wrong person. I wish I could explain more, but we'd be entering spoiler territory in things that I have planned. Just...grin and bear the pain for now. Once all the arcs are out, it'll make sense why things ended the way they did and maybe you'll get that happy ending you want.

There isn't one. No matter your choices, Daichi's relationship with Rintaro will always end in tragedy. The only thing I want people to ask is "Why do things end like this?" Because by asking that question, they can enter the next arc to be released with an open mind and begin to dig deeper into the family's history to learn firsthand why this story has no happy ending.

Now what gave you that idea? 

Hi there! I had an idea for an epilogue regarding the True End, but figured it best to end the story there because as far as the mystery is concerned, that is the end. What happens afterward is just the aftermath of their choices.

The prologue will tie back to the story once I reveal more, but it’s cool you found a parallel between the events of the bad end and the prologue. And yeah, when i heard that track I was like “This needs to be the end theme for the game!”

It’s to be unlocked in Patch 1.1. Had to omit it in order to get the first arc out for the jam. Should come within the next week or so provided I don’t run into issues? With the Extras unlocked, you’ll also understand why there were some hilighted bits of text during the game.

I had to lock that part because there was a few things in the Extras section that I needed to wait on. But the key part I wanted to push (the story updates) were pushed out in the initial release. I've been chugging along working to finish what I need. I'll probably just patch in the CG, music, and Character Info galleries and wait on the last few thing for the Extra Scenes.