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Theres this really annoying and persitant bug I found. When ever I enter Ma'habre - The Tower of Endless, the screen goes completely black. I can still acess  my inventory and and walk around but even if I leave the area the screen is still black. I tried this 4 times in a row and really dont care to see if it will keep happening, and the last one I lost some really good loot, this bug is kind of a progression killer.

Its good to know this bug doesnt last long. When it happened i was pretty alarmed because I was several hours in, though its extremely strange how this problem was within my other save files at the same.

Noticed a bug. When cooking Salmonsnake meat, nothing is produced but the item is still taken from your inventory. Would also like to say, this is a really great and creative game, home to see more work like this!

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I don't know if this is a bug or some "feature" but I cant select anything from my menu anymore after resting in the bed next to the large broken statue with the crow.

Edit: So after reloading my saves several times and going through different saves, the problem persisted in the other 2 save files, though these saves were relatively close to one another in time and the same save point. Was only able to select my inventory again until about the 4th reload of the save file where this originally happened, and nothing different happen within the file, and the problem is not longer appearing in the other save files where it was also present at the time of checking, this definitely seems like a bug.  

Omg thanks for reviewing my game, I love this! Though these bugs are so crazy and completely new.....figures they come up now, Ill have to check why the enemies arent moving, why the health bar isnt reflecting their damaged health, the tutorial bugs are bugging me the most, and probably spread the tutorial out to have less info dump, and test the game on lower end computers to see if this is causing problems or if something else. Also will definitely need to find out why some levels are so infuriatingly laggy. Thanks for the review, it was great!