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Enjoying the hell out of it, even in this early stage. Well done!

Good Job! YOu really recreated that feeling well. I love the animations and the spritework, awesome job!

Thank you! Yeah, it really is a shame that you can´t get the coin and thus finish the game/see the ending cutscene. Also, the music doesn´t loop right, it just starts the same file over and over, instead of using our loop-version after the first iteration. It´s a shame that there are so many minor bugs but I´m glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much!

Very interesting game. It´s definetly one of those games that are more a "learning about yourself " experience than just a fun little timewaster. I´m looking forward to see the polished version on the PlayStore someday!

the only thing that bugged me a little was the music. For some reason it didn´t convey the feelings and atmosphere I experienced while thinking about those, partially very serious, subjects. But thats still no reason to bypass this nice little game!

Great idea, great music, great polishing. Nice game guys´n girls :)

I just seem to click on unwanted stickers when I´m trying to rotate the screen, but thats not a big deal either.

Hey there!

Thanks alot for your kind feedback, even though we are already aware of all the mentioned issues. You still can only play the GameJam Dev-Build but we are currently working on a new version, considering all the mentioned things above. The dash is visible trough a pulsating animation of the character, but you are not the only one(s) to not understand that so we should change the dash-animation as well. Thank you once again, I´ll let you know when the new build is ready :)

The controls are very unique on this one, I like it! The game gave me a big "Lovers in a dangerous spacetime"-vibe.

Wow. Definetly the highlight for me this year. How did you guys make such a clean game in such a short time? In fact the core mechanic is so clean that you could probably publish this game without changing anything here.

If you ever think about releasing this gem and you still lack sound, I (The Pulpy Principle) would love to do the soundwork for you guys :D

Wish you the best luck and continue to develop awsome games!

Cheers - Jannik

Very nice. It was a bit unbalanced in my opinion but i guess that was intended? Haha.

Anyway I didn´t make it far but from what I´ve seen I can say it´s gorgeous. Tbh this was our idea as well at first and if we would have choosen this idea we it would suck, compared to your work. Congrats!

Wow, marvelous. Big Wind Waker vibes there. Experienced team or not, this is astounding for a 48h work. Keep it up, Sleeprunners ;)

Hey there!

Thanks for your kind words, it was originally planned to be an android swipe/tapping game, thats why the controls for PC are so weird. The A-D keys would be much better, i agree there. We are going to change this as soon as possible and thank you again for your constructive feedback.