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Smalltown theys! <3

Smalltown gays! <3

Oh, my heart! Thank you for this!

Oh, no worries! I was just joking around since I happened to be checking itchio just when you posted and it was a funny coincidence. ;D Thank you for the kind words!!

(thanks for the comment for real though!! <3)

"every two minutes, I imagine you check our comments to see if it liked"

Aw! I don't want to spoil anything, so I can't say too much, but I can tell you that lately my most listened songs have been Happy Ending by Mika and I Know That He Loves Me by Autoheart. :3

This is such a cool update! The spell effects and animations look amazing! 

Yes, now! ;D

Thank you so much!

This VN is huge! Every time there was a new location, I thought that surely there can't be more... and then I was proven wrong! The art direction is very cinematic with each location and scene having a distinct atmosphere and the characters are so lively with a lot of movement and expression changes!

I don't know how you managed to do all of this in one month, but I'm very impressed! 

Sweet early aughts nostalgia! The art direction is very well thought out and I really enjoyed the compact writing style!

I downloaded the game expecting a fun, punky, world-of-darkness-vibes story and got oh so much more! I'm so glad you didn't do the thing where you can only interact with the human form of a shapeshifter. Looking forward to the next update!

Also a small tip from a dev perspective: the furry+gay tag combo has been the best performing source of downloads for all of my games. I don't know if that's a demographic you want to target, but I think there would be plenty of people interested in this game  over there (especially if you make the bakeneko sprite a little more prominent on the cover). ;3

A very cute game! I'm absolutely amazed by the amount of art in this!

Oh, also! I love Blossom!

Thank you!

If this was a book, I would be hugging it right now! I played through all of the endings, each more beautiful than the one before. You've done something wonderful and it has moisturized my cheeks. Thank you for making this!

Thank you! 

Thank you so much! <3

I went in expecting a horror parody of a certain children's book series, but got so much more! 5/5

Very addictive reading! I love the small town realness and the spooky stuff was genuinely creepy!

This was a blast! The characters are all a lot of fun (Clara being my favorite), and the full voice acting adds such a lovely layer of polish! I also love the musical references in the soundtrack! <3

Very impressive jam submission! ^^

Don't worry! You get to interact with the bear in first person before the story is over!

Hi! I'm so glad my work resonates with you! <3

I'm not on any socials these days (mostly for the benefit of my mental wellbeing) although I am considering joining pillowfort once they're out of beta.

Yes! Here's the project page for part 2:

So cute! <3

There won't be any explicit content. I intend to keep the game safe for streaming :)

The story is told out of chronological order. The flashback that explains what happens between the end of Yoga Bear and start of Bear Care starts when the harp sound plays and the background changes to abstract clouds. The next update will see the entire flashback completed. Hope that clears things up a little!

It'll be relatively short (around 6000 words) :D

I don't have an exact timeline, sorry! I plan to finish the full desktop version first (before January) and then I'll start working on the mobile ports. It will probably take at least a month or so, since the custom user interface doesn't play nice with mobile, and all the assets need to be re-optimized, etc.

That said, it should be done somewhere between November and March.

Thank you! There will be plenty more sprites before this ride is over. :D

Thank you! I didn't forget, I just haven't had the mental energy to join a new community. It's been a rough year for me. Sorry about that! :c

Ahh, thank you! I didn't originally plan to release the story in two halves, so I was really worried if the first 2000 words (it's over 6000 words in full) would be a satisfying read at all ;'D

Thank you so much! I decided that the story would feel more personal if the reader got to imagine the exact identity and appearance of the author of the letter.

I'm always happy to hear what people think!

Oh, this is beautiful! Thank you for making this!

Woah! This gave me the chills! A beautiful piece!

Ahh! Thank you for your kind words! And thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Cute art, melancholy story! The wonderful voice acting added a lot of emotion to the experience!

Hi! I'm releasing a browser version next month, which will be playable on Android devices.

This game caught me so off guard! I feel super refreshed! Thank you for making this!

This game shook me up (but in a good way)! I really love the literal take on the phrase "not even if we were the last people on Earth". The subtle expressions and the understated tone were perfect for the story. Excellent work!