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Your beautiful story helped me to reconnect to a lot of thoughts I've been setting aside.

Thank you for this! <3

Ohh, thank you so much!

I actually feel like this story works the best if you only play through one ending, but the knowledge that things could have gone differently for the two characters makes that chosen ending more meaningful. 

Hi! Thank you for your patience and understanding! I have been making slow progress on the final update and it's currently about 70% complete. I can't give an exact release date for it, but I know for sure I won't have the time to finish it this month. I hope this helps!

Hi! Thank you! I feel like I said what I wanted with this story, so I don't currently have any plans for a sequel.

Hi! I don’t speak Russian. I did run your comment through Google Translate, though. Thank you for your enthusiasm, but I’m not comfortable with sharing my contact information with strangers. Sorry!

Sure! To all the novels that I’ve released on this account thus far. 

Hi! Thanks for the offer! You’re welcome to make unofficial fan translations of the game as long as you credit me as the original author. 

Thank you!!

Without giving it much thought, I typed the pet name my partner gave me as my user name and... this game hit hard. T_T

Beautiful work!

Thank you so much! 💜

Hi! I’m planning to add mobile support, but I want to finish the next (and final) update first. I have to travel a lot so I haven’t been able to spend much time on making games. 

Hi! Thank you for your kind words! You’re welcome to make unofficial fan translations of the game as long as you credit me as the original author. However, I do not plan to add any languages I don’t speak myself to the official version, since there’s no way for me to review or update the translations.

I started journaling after I began my social transition to help me process all the stuff that was going on in my head and in my life. It’s been extremely helpful for me, both as an individual as well as a writer. 

However, my journals are not exhaustive and only really cover the low depths and the high peaks. This game prompted me to reflect on the more mundane things as well, or on some things that I had found too painful or awkward to think about in detail. Thank you for making this! 💜

I hope plenty of people give it a go! Oh, and a tip for anyone who doesn’t have access to specialist dice: you can use an online random number generator just as well. 


Thank you so much! This story is very personal for me and I was unsure whether it’s a good idea to release it out into the world or not. Reading comments like this makes me feel glad that I did. 💜

Thank you so much! 💜

Thank you! 🙏

I wasn't expecting to get misty eyed, but I did! A very strong first release!

Maybe it's because of my love of cyberpunk, but this sucked me right in! And you made it feel so big and epic! I feel like I just completed a 12 hour game and not an O2A2 submission. Ending unlocked: Fragmented love. 

The presentation is excellent and I love the metalevel of using an AI generated image for Ai-chan.

Each of your games is something different and unique and I always get excited when I notice a new release from you! 


Thank you!

Aww! Thank you!

Thank you, thank you so much!

Thank you so much! <3

Thank you for your kind words! You are welcome to make a fan translation of Bear Care as long as you credit me as the original author. ^^

Thank you so much! Most people have only commented on the writing, so it's really nice to see people noticing the thought I put into working with the jam limitations as well! ^^

Thank you! I've been having so many interesting discussions and experiences with various queer folks in the recent months, I wanted to try shaping a story out of those. It feels great to see people enjoying it!

Oh, thank you! Gosh, that's really flattering to hear! <3

Aw, this is such a cute story! I did think it would be just about non-sexual casual nudity (which is something I've kind of wanted to write about for a while, heh) but the sex scenes were well written and not unwelcome!

Congrats on the release and happy pride month to the team! ^^

Hi! Thank you so much for playing! I'm really happy you're enjoying the sequel, too! ^^  

Thank you!! That's so sweet to hear!

Thank you so, so much! I do have more stories to tell about Dea and Em! I'm just not quite sure when I'll have the opportunity to shape those into a finished work. Next spring, perhaps? Time will tell!

Oh, and the most wonderful pride to you as well! 

This is such a sweet story! I really enjoy the life that the animated lines give to the sprites and the limited use of color is also very effective! You also handle the dark aspects of the story with nuance and authenticity, and I'm grateful you balance them by including caring and healing scenes. <3

Thank you so much! ^^

Thank you!! That's such high praise! <3

Aa, thank you again! ^^ I'm so happy you enjoyed the sequel, too! <3

Thank you!! <3

This is a lovely manifesto! thank you for writing it!

I don’t make games to make *games* but I make games to *make* games. The process is worthwhile, enjoyable, fulfilling.

This is my favorite bit! I find loving the process so important for long term well being. <3

What a treat of an update! That aesthetic car scene, that introspection on the hammock, and that absolutely delicious conversation with Ian at the end! <3

This is so lovely! I was stuck in a random negative thinking loop for a few days and this helped me break out of it! Thank you! <3

Ohh, that's such a huge compliment! Thank you so much! <3