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This is incredibly made, I loved playing through it!

Just finished a round of this with my friends! We were able to use the drawing and highlighting features on my pdf viewer to screenshare and make it visually legible for everyone and it was a lot of fun, we managed to win with just 51 seconds left. Definitely a really great rush. A few rules we were a little unclear on when we read, but we just came to agreements on what we thought was fair and then went on. Very good game to kill time while you wait for group members for a bigger game, def recommend.

Just finished playing this with my group! We did this as sort of our character creation / session zero to plot out a few universe details on a longer game, which. I know is not super a goal this game had? But still ultimately ended up being a pretty effective engine for!

At the beginning we did very minimal character design just to get the ball rolling, and over the course of the game found ourselves really invested in the little team we'd created. Definitely a great play, great work on this!

Just gave this a play this morning after getting it out of a bundle a while back. Incredibly happy with how it went, it was a really calming experience to go through! 

Just played my first game of this with some friends and I'm honestly so glad to have this in my library. We were only able to get through two rounds on our first play because we just kept getting absorbed into new conversations and deepening things, and I can't wait to pick our little city up again and keep building it out!

genuinely incredibly stressful, but in the way you want from a short game like this

i just started a western marches style campaign/world with this system as a base and honestly i'm already really in love with it! the character creation alone has lead to so many great conversations and i really can't wait to see what directions it takes us in. very glad to have found this!

Hi! Yes, I wasn't able to finish just yet, but plan on updating the game soon once I have everything completed. I'm a full time grad student and classes picked up unexpectedly during the Jam's timeframe, so I lost a lot of momentum. I'm hoping to have the full game uploaded sometime next week!

Playing this with a friend helped process some hard emotions and i really appreciate it! very well made, super glad we checked it out!