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It may be that creating a Linux build is non-complex. The real problem is all of the other work involved in management, deployment, and support of the build. The same goes for Mac. Adding all of the dimensions to getting new builds out there and fully supported, it's just a bit too much to tackle for our tiny team.

That being said, I was a full-time Linux user myself in a past life, so I'll always consider Mac and Linux builds in any project. Hopefully I can make it happen on the next one.


It's pretty unlikely at this point, but it works well on Steam deck so maybe it can be played with Proton on other Linux distro's. I haven't tested it though.

Oh, thanks for pointing that out. It should be fixed now.


That'll be up to the artist, and I think she is still deciding.

It's still very early for us to say, since the game just came out. But I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it (at least, it sounds like you did).

Thank you, that's very kind.


Thank you! I'll talk to the artist to see if she'd like to make the art book available here or anywhere else.

Thank you <3

A Mac build is on our radar as something we'd like to do, but I can't give a date yet.

the planned price is 19.99USD

There won't be a Linux version at launch, but it's something I'll definitely look into if enough people request it post-launch.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thank you! We're on the verge of determining a release date, so keep an eye out on our twitter or discord for that announcement in the near future :-)

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Not initially, but the more we hear interest for it, the more likely it becomes.

Cool, I'll have to check out FatsackFails sometime!


Glad you enjoyed it. And we appreciate the feedback!

Thank you :-)

Aw, thank you so much :-)

Fun video, thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for the kind words <3

Thank you!  Cheek pinching welcome :-)

Thank you for checking it out!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the kind words.  One more vote for Linux makes it even more likely to happen!  And thanks for letting me know about the typo :-)

(1 edit)

Thanks for the offer.  At the moment, we're still not sure how translations will work with the game mechanic.  But I'll keep that in mind :-)

We reached the goal!

There's still 18 hours left, there's a good chance we'll hit it!

Thanks :-)

Thank you!

Thank you :-)



Thank you! <3

Hey, sorry for your frustrations. I don't have access to a chromebook, so I don't anticipate I'll be able to get a build working on chromebook.  However, there's a better chance that in the future we may bring the game to a cloud platform like Stadia or Luna, in which case it should work on just about any computer.

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