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Came as soon as I heard. I'll play it sometime soon. I love every single one of your games, especially Missed Messages.

This is 100% my favorite game on, I want to help translate into chinese!

Yes, there’s the Hope ending where she doesn’t die and stays with the main character.

you just choose to be with her at all times basically

Spoiler Alert (Walkthrough for Hope Ending)

This is completely based on what I did by the way:

1. Go to laptop, you can choose to accept the message or not I don’t think it matters but don’t reply with anything.

2. Keep working until the main character says she hears voices from May’s room.

3. Go knock on May’s door and ask her to hang out. Tell her to take a break.

4. Talk to her about her day, the sky, but not about your dream yet. When she starts getting sad, don’t mention depression.

5. Say that you understand and that you can help.

6. Talk to her about your dream. Ask about her dreams.

7. Let time pass.

8. It’s now afternoon, May’s door’s open. She’s not there. Go to the bathroom.

9. Ask her if she’s really okay. Hug her when she tries to leave.

10. Don’t ask her why she’s sad, just wait.


I usually don't comment under games but this one really hit me. I got a bad ending first then the Hope ending. The way the characters communicate and act feels so real. Please, if you're having trouble, ask for help. You are worthy. You deserve everything. There are people in the world who loves you and cares for you and will definitely miss you when you're gone. Talk to them. Please don't think that you have to do this on your own.