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Hidden Orchestra

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Hey Nice Gear Games, we are glad you've enjoyed it! Thank you for mentioning us.

Thank you for providing such a detailed answer!

Hey lamkin11, thank you for reminding us. It should be fixed by now.

If your mac is telling you that it can't be opened it's most likely because we are not official Apple developers - there is a workaround for this - hopefully it will work if you right-click on the installer, select 'open' from the drop down menu, and then click on 'open' again when it asks you if you are sure...

hope that helps!

Hello, I'm afraid there is no MIDI used in the project, all the sounds are real audio recordings of real musicians playing real instruments.

Hello, it's 64 bit

Thank you for pointing this out!
Linux version is now available.
Enjoy :)

Glad to hear that! I think other people may find this thread helpful. And thank you for your contribution, it's very kind of you :)

Hello, thank you for your comment! If you are having problems unpacking and running the app, please consider trying an
It offers an easy and convenient way to install and manage all your itch games.