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Took me a minute to wrestle with the theme, but I locked in on something I think might be interesting.

I've got a rough idea of my main game mechanics in mind, working on trying to get the systems in place to support them.

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Thanks for playing my game! The ice cream are supposed to lock themselves onto the cart if you press E while looking directly at the top of the cart, but I think you missed that line on the tutorial. Found out why 113 was having issues and created a quick patch.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

Good work fellas, I wish there was a score counter of some kind, maybe next time. Keep up the good work and don't stop learning!

Cool concept, the logs were a bit troublesome but I really like the bouncy mushrooms!

Odd, the ice cream should attach itself to the tray, were you looking at the top of the tray when you pressed E?

Great work! I really like the art design! It seemed like the first level only had 1 path that was viable, tried to take the path with the slide and would lose every time, but still great work!

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That was pretty fun, I wish you would've added a few more levels and maybe a timer for speed runs, but I loved the concept.

Really great design, the character and it's animations were perfect! I enjoyed that gameplay loop running around that LOOONNNGGG BOI for all 100 light years.

A lot of fun! I wish the popsicles would lose track of you after some time, cause man at the end I had just about every one of them behind me when I made the jump back to the first island. Great work though!

It's a lot of fun! Those damn nurse cats kept pushing me around!

I love that it saves progress but zooms the camera out when you pause, really cool idea.

Pretty challenging, the effects got a little too strong at times but very fun.

I love this radio system and the idea that the government put you in a high speed vehicle with absolutely no training. Great work.