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A member registered Aug 30, 2016

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This sounds fucking ace. Can't wait!!

Yeah on the win-64 version, it is possible to get full-screen windowed version. I just wondered if there's a way to go true full-screen with none of the window borders showing? I'm a total purist for Oquonie, and wanna see it proper fullscreen AND in a museum ;) Currently installing a projector in my apartment so I can play this on a huge scale and really appreciate the beautiful artwork.

Created a new topic Windows version :)

Hey! Oh man, it is so exciting to finally have the windows version of Oquonie. Seeing your beautiful artwork in a screen larger than my iphone really gives it the justice it deserves!!
Couple of questions:
1) Is there any way to get full-screen mode [non-windowed version]
2) I have a windows tablet. Any idea how I could get the touchscreen element to work with the game [like the ios version]? Just checking that there's not an easy route before I go looking for keyboard mapper type software.

Safe sailing to you both!!