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Hey bestie 💚
1. The programmer dumped the project on me an left and I wasn't able to find a replacement.
2. There is a war in my country that's been going for almost a year.

Hope this clarifies why there hasn't been any updates on this. Have a day.  👍

Considering that the last time I've heard from my "team" was back in September I think it's safe to say that the project is abandoned.

A shame really. But if you want to see the final CGs - they are available on my twi @naughty_po

Nope. Currently there is no guide available. 

It's ready when it's ready 💚

There are no plans for an android port.

aww thanks 😘

You can get the latest update on my patreon for $2. 

The date of the public update is TBA :<

Thank you for the kind words :)

Funny that you say that, but we are actually planning to give all characters various expressions and maybe even poses. But our first priority is finishing up the 3d models for all characters, MC inclided.

And as for the music we have an entire album composed by mbg180 but due to some technical difficulties we were not able to impliment music just yet.

I'm glad that you enjoyed our little project :D

Haha thank you so much :3c
We are actually using Unity for this project so there is much more flexibility to the gameplay. I will be posting some updates on that in a couple of days.

Oh and the story is not actually Post Apocalyptic (although i can see how it might seem like that). It's more like Twin Peaks meets Welcome to Night Vale with a generous serving of bara guys. Expect some spooks :0c

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Hidden in the depths of the Canadian Rockies lies a quaint little town... a place seemingly perfect from the outside, but what secrets lie beneath its picturesque visage? Follow the journey of Brody Fuller in his search for his missing friend. Enlist the help of the seductive chef, the charming groundskeeper, or the chiseled police officer as he unravels the mysteries of Walkietoon. Will you be able to see through the web of lies before it's not t̸̢̉͗͛͛̓͂̓ò̵̖͓̯̠̒̀̈́̐̀́ö̶̼̫̠͚̣̘͊̀ͅ ̴̧̗̼̦͑̓l̵͍͇̺͈̮̤̄̈́̃͆̉͝ͅą̸̺͍̩́͐̇̑̕͝t̷̥͈̬̃̾̈́̀͊͘ȅ̷̛̻͎̾̽̋̈́?



Pau Perish (2D/3D art) TWITTER PATREON
TonyBara (Coding) TWITTER 
Rob Colton (Writing) TWITTER WEBSITE
mbg180 (Music) SOUNDCLOUD

You can see updates on the game on my patreon

There will be a wip build going live hopefully by the end of the month that has ~10k of new content. But it will be a patreon exclusive because it's still pretty raw and has some placeholder art. 

Sure thing 👍 The final game will be available on pc, mac and android.

Thanks, glad you liked it :D You can follow the development on my Patreon or Twitter. Monthly update-roundups are available to everyone for free.

Currently? No. You can see uncensored sketches by supporting the development at for like $1 or wait until the development is finished. ;3c 

😘 thanks