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Why did I SIMP for Spider a little bit.. Loved this tale! 

Keep up the storytimes Pitou!

To the other games. in inmimb there were crowscare and vice versa and this one just talking about the town that you would have explored in arcade kittens other games ^^. Subtle and cute

True Ending - Very happy I was able to save June in my first run it was a blast. Thank you Yuumsarte

As always? Very well done ^_^.  I loved the fountain and 'other community' references.. clever clever 

Thank you BB for your work. Soleil is a nice character and I hope they get a future spotlight in your next developments! ^_^

This demo has helped me in my time of need! Dental surgery had me down but THIS made my day! Thank you Aihasto ^_^

Loved all of this! I spent so long finding all the secret endings but well worth it! Thank you Maldo19 (^-^) 

This was the sweetest treat to discover especially after getting my teeth pulled a few days ago. 5/5 Froggy smiles!

That might work.. haha and you are very welcome I am glad you enjoyed my commentary

What soap do you recommend for my eyes?? Taking any suggestions...

I love the way this unfolded! 5/5 sweet dreams for this sweet dream :)

Very interesting! You wrote an awesome visual novel. Short and hitting all the spots :) 

Aside from NEVER ordering from there again... Where is my pizza? :P 


Thank you for the scare! Woke me right up

Thank you for this March spook! I think that juice was...*hiccup

Awesome experience! Ashamed we died HUNGRY as h'll though.. Scared me nonetheless :)

Very intrigued at the script and how it played nicely with my emotions. I felt very mixed emotions about every ending and interactions between the two.

You know you're wrong for that.. haha! You wrong Anjin

My doors are closed for this one... Yours just opened.

A game where time and reality aren't what they seem? Count me in Sir!

What a trip down .EXE lane.  That password was a delightful message (^_^)

I had to give this game a try and it didn't disappoint! The puzzles and atmosphere was very clever. Well done! 

I enjoyed the idea of this game. The life outside vs. reality. I hope there's more coming along to this as time moves forward. Short and nice indeed ^_^

It was a pleasure to share on an awesome mind bend subject ^_^

At first I had my doubts but when I got all sides of the story I was hooked. Well done! 

Definitely one of the coolest elephants I've encountered! Smooth with the pedestrians too (5 out of 5 peaNUTS)

Enjoyed the camera flash/visibility combination the most! Hope to see an extended\full version in the future! 

Wow indeed.. Please Please Please in the near future find that amazing talent inside your heart and add some chase/jumpscares to this. Loved it (^- ^)

Whenever I see food I just have to play! Serves them right for taking my lunch! This is just part 1 for everyone to explore.

My thoughts exactly!! 

That was such a delight to experience. Took me a few hours but this was well worth it for Lily! 

Thank you for the New Years treat!

Thank you for the update and always appreciated content you display on here! Happy New Years Every one!

Much obliged ^- ^

The fact that i'm still confused yet troubled about that ending gives me the chills... Well done! 

Much appreciated and i'm happy i added value! Happy Holidays 

Intense feelings of emptiness as we walk around this setting. Question to everyone... What's the truth about Building 71?

Thank you! It was my pleasure ^_^

The holidays aren't what they seem this year.. Save yourselves.. Thank you LCB for this surprise release it was a neat holiday treat!

Much needed quick review for another atmospheric horror style game. Full release will be inbound i'm counting on it!