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No problem at all, nice to read that it's usefull!
Will love to see what you are going to do!

Simple mechanics, but really catchy!

Wow awesome! I like it!

I may update the set this weekend :)

Good idea! I'll add that as soon as I can, thanks for the request!

Let me know of what you think of my first try with the cart!

Not sure about the diagonal!
But I started for the horizontal and vertical, loaded and empty!

I'll try! Actually that will make sense.

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate!

No problem at all! Let me know if you need some variations or little modifications :)

Good luck with your game!

No problem at all!

Sure you can!
Let me know if you use it, I'll be happy to see that.

Nice assets!
Part-I and II are under which licence?

Really nice job!

I really enjoyed playing your game! The sound add something really awesome!

Good job!

It's not mandatory! But if you feel like doing it, just mentioning  "wilfryed" will be nice!

Good luck!

No problem at all! Let me know  where I can see the result  and feel free to tell me if there's any problem with my tileset or if you need some change, will be happy to fix it!

Nice atmosphere!

I just gave a try in my phone, work well! Will be cool if the shells would appears randomly.

Anyway good work!

Really enjoyed to play your entry! Are you going to improved it?

Totally the kind of work that give me to want to try Pico8!

Looks like a totally awesome asset considering the size of the tiles!

Really good job with the camera and the 3D effect!