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Absolutely loved this game and all its themes, can't wait to see what you make next!

[Final game in the video] I liked how despite being mostly jokey, this game actually still managed to stir up quite a bit of unease. Still crazy that this is the second game in this video where killing a non-Santa with rat poison gives a good ending (The other being Santy is Home). Will definitely be checking out whatever else you make! Happy Holidays!

[4th chapter in video] Loved this one! Gave me some Resident Evil vibes. I think this could genuinely be expanded into a larger game which I talk about in the video- but for what it is, it's really neat!

[3rd Chapter in the Video] Liked this one, just wanted a bit more out of it- but for what it is, it's short and sweet. Loved the graphical style too!

[Second chapter in the video] Genuinely fun and unsettling with a good bit of humor! Loved this one a lot- Happy Holidays!

First game in the video- thought this one was really fun! Neat little experience!
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Gameplay - 00:52:29

1st Thoughts - 01:04:57

Final Thoughts - 1:08:30

[Chapters all included in the video!]

A great little Christmas themed horror! You've absolutely managed to nail the PSX/80s VHS aesthetic and I think you're a great contender in that world of games! Can't wait to see what you make next! Happy Holidays!

Gameplay - 00:42:03

1st Thoughts - 00:51:31

Final Thoughts - 1:07:58

[Chapters all included in the video!
Amazing physics game that reminds me of old flash games like Super Stacker or Red Remover! Cozy and addicting, I played the whole thing without stopping. Thanks for the amazing game and have a Happy Holiday!

Gameplay - 00:15:22

1st Thoughts - 00:27"46

Final Thoughts - 1:06:40

[Chapters all included in the video!]

You've duped me germfood! I didn't realize this was your work until post-editing. It's a game that despite representing bad horror games isn't really bad at all! I genuinely enjoyed it and always look forward to your work! Happy Holidays!
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Gameplay - 00:29:09

1st Thoughts - 00:41:19

Final Thoughts - 1:07:28

[Chapters all included in the video!]

Absolutely lovely little game that moved me to tears almost. brings back childhood feelings and more, absolutely adored the wonderful work of art you created! Happy Holidays!

Really great indie horror game! Freaky, intriguing, funny and all around just a solid piece. Full thoughts in the video, but look forward to future projects!

Final chapter in the video!

This is the first game in a while to genuinely really freak me out. Design both art-wise and sound are stellar, with genuinely horrifying creatures and noises. Besides that, it's a cool little war story with something more to say. I'd love to see this further developed, and if not, I just look forward to more work from you!

Third chapter in the video!

Fun, silly little concept. Was a nice break between some other stuff which quite well done sound design. If you're looking for a fun, spooky little laugh- this is a game for you.

Second chapter in the video!

I was skeptical coming into this game but it really surprised me! I thought this was really well designed and really tense despite its outward presentation. Terrific game, and definitely promoting for other people to find the endings I didn't get!

First Chapter in the video!

Really lovely, spooky little game! Great graphics, great sound, nice and to the point! Can't wait to see what you make next!

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2nd Chapter in the Video: Super neat little experience! Sound design is quite terrific and does what it's needs to and gets out. Liked it a lot!

First Chapter in the Vid: Really cool little arcade-y experience! Lots more content than I expected and it really is a lot of fun! Love to see it expanded further but still excellent on it's own!
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Last Chapter in the Video: The Art style is great and I think the concept and sound design are lovely, but the AI seems to be too aggressive and make the game unbeatable. Maybe I'm just bad though! I'd recommend giving it a try!

Third game in the video starting at 15:56

Cool little game- evokes feelings of One Late Night, but stylistically is it's own thing. Quite enjoyed it :D

Second game in the video starting at 14:08. Weird surrealist little teaser. Wanted a bit more from it but I like the style and eerie atmosphere. 

First game in the video:

Really cool little experience! Very tense, and interesting story! I got ending 1 :D

(Third game in the video, starting at 23:00)

This is one of the few indie horror games recently that has maintained a tense and unsettling environment. I wish there was more to the story, but at the same time, the game is excellent for what it is- AND for a first release and attempt at horror. Fantastic work, and good luck on future projects. I'll be sure to check them out :)

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(Second game in the video at 15:02)

One of the best indie/horror projects I've seen in the last few years. Such a good idea, and successfully maintains the sporadic fun of WarioWare, along with effectively presenting campy horror tropes. The art and sound is also just.. fantastic, so pleasing to the eye. This game is absolutely amazing. Incredible work!

Really interesting little game! Love the references. Surreal and strange! Great work :)

Quite creepy! Gave me a good laugh too! Love the references to HLVR: Self-Aware AI and overall, just really fun little game! (Second game in vid starting at 7:01)

Not bad for a first game! I had some comments but otherwise, I look forward to more of your work! (First game in video)

Really cool little experience!

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(Last game in the video above starting at 18:44)

Thought the game was pretty well done for a first ever game! Kudos to you! Enjoyed its atmosphere although I did have some suggestions if you're willing to hear them out. Otherwise, keep working on stuff! I'd love to see more of your work. :)

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Interesting little experience! I feel like this was more of an art piece than a game but I loved the art and sound nonetheless. Love to see more work!

(Second game in the video above starting at 11:58)

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Great little game! Enjoyed it a lot, got me jumpy and tense! I also got both endings and tried to analyze it, first game in the video above!