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Is this still being worked on?

Any updates coming? Was keen on buying this for a project but it hasn't been updated in some time.

Insanely useful in a pinch, thank you!

It's looking great. Are you getting any volunteers / extra hands to work on development this year?

There will be no new updates. 

"Now free for all to use, enjoy and thanks for the support throughout the years! No new updates are planned. You can pay what you want to support me if you like it."

Hi there! I really love this app, it's simple to use and works really well.

I have some suggestions. Support for higher scaled DPI would go a long way. The app looks blurry on my display, since I'm assuming there's no high DPI support.

Also wish you could zoom into the canvas / sprite area.

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Hi! I enjoyed playing The Eleventh Hour. Had some issues with it, like some text-spacing issues. I think the ending flies by too fast, too.

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Loved this game, the end was so gross!

I had some issues with how the game controls, and I ran into a few bugs. Also couldn't beat the boss at the end, but... Not sure if that's because of ME or general difficulty!

Yep I do! I haven't had a chance to talk to him a whole lot lately though. )': But he's nice!

Hey Bucket! What a coincidence to see you here! >3<

Glad you enjoyed it, Alexandre! I'm following your work. I see you doing really cool stuff in the future. :D

Ahoy-hoy! I loved this short and can't wait for more! You're right on target with the assets and atmosphere. Freaked me out in parts!

You guys seriously need to try the demo, it's been a hilarious ride.

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I love this game so much I made a second Let's Play video! <3

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I was murdered by a woman in a bathtub! I loved this game, I'll be playing more for sure!