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Can you tell us the what are you gonna update easily? :)

Add a limit in the military tents, it keep spwaning soldiers and it make really laggy, like 30 soldiers each tent, when 1 soldier died, the tent would be able to spwan more 1 soldier

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I got alot of idea while I'm at school :P

1. Class system
4 classes

1  Green beret
Allow to build green beret soldier for 750 (lower price), also 2 more soldiers which is using M4 Carbine
Allow to get M4 Carbine when starting instead of M16

2 Combat medic
Able to build a healing station which will heal the soldiers in the area
Have a better healing gun instead of the normal one, like having more ammo at starting and heals more

3 Paratrooper
Allow to build Paratrooper Squadron which cost 5000 and builds 20 - 30 paratroopers
When you start/respwan, you're allowed to airborne with parachutes (Like give you a map and choose where to spwan)

4 Scout
Runs faster
Have a better shotgun instead of the normal one, having more damage and longer shooting range

2. Make this game on steam so we will be easier to play with others also be more popular...?

3. Add a gunship with works like the paratrooper plane but only with turrets

4. Add a ammo station which will be able to buy the special weapon's ammo, like M4 Carbine's ammo but it's expensive like 1k for 100 ammos

If you add the class system, make it unable to get other class's hats like medic getting scout's hat

That's all! Thanks for watching this

Or you can also add airborne Green Beret which works like paratrooper

Suggestion about add some toy soldiers called "Green Beret", you need to build them for 1k money, it spwans 3 soldiers after placing them, two of them use M4A1 Carbine and one of them uses Rocket Launcher

Wops, I mean in building mode, and I found out that I have to face to ground to change types, I found the way to fix this.      By the way, could you add a system for players to choose their own equipments like you can choose from wearing a beret or a helmet, wearing a backpack or not, etc.

Hey, my R button is always bugged somehow in this game, but it works in typing, is it a bug?

Hey N7T,this game is amazing,but can you add more units and a D-DAY Map? Oh,if D-DAY Map will be here,please add a landing ship too