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Gave the demo a shot!

All I got to say is this is an amazing RMMV horror CRPG. There are a few loopholes and exploits that I abused the crap out of, but I'm sure those will be fixed. I can't wait to see an updated or full version of this game! Again, really great job and can't wait to see more from this developer.

Really great game so far! Here's the second part out of three. In the final episode I'll show off all the fights and little secrets in the game. Also I'll bring up three loop holes I found to pretty much become invincible.

Really interesting little murder mystery game! I like how the protagonist started to get used to the death because of what the twist is. Nevertheless, still a cool little game!

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This is a really new take on the RPG horror format! Things are rather confusing, but I'm figuring things out as I go.

Interesting little game. A lot like your others.

I really like your style! It's a lot different (and pushes the edge) than other developers and their games.

Nice meme.

This is a really new and cool idea! I loved the demo and can't wait for a full release!

Other great game by somewhat! I really enjoy your strange games, very interesting and spooky.

Really cool game! I made a little playthrough!

Really cool game! I gave the game a shot!

Played the game and got both endings. Rather short. I also didn't really understand why the framerate would drop to 20 every now and then. 

Played it and absolutely loved it!

Really didn't have a great time with the game. I didn't understand it. I hate maze and parkour sections in video games though, so that might have been it.

Gave the game a shot!

Gave the game a shot!

Gave the game a shot!

Played the game and loved it! Great job guys!

Gave the game a shot...

Gave the game a shot...

Gave the game a shot...

Gave the game a shot...

Gave it a go...

Gave it a go...

I was about to beat the game, but I keep getting an error saying "the label: 'ToStaircase2' could not be found". Hope this helps and I hope you update the game so I can beat it.

Gave the game a shot over on my channel, ArthurPlays:

Gave the game a shot over on my channel, ArthurPlays:

Gave the game a shot over on my channel, ArthurPlays:

Really fun and cute game! I really enjoyed killing innocent beings for the sake of eating them! 
I did a playthrough on my channel, ArthurPlays:

The game is buggy and could use some work. I would also like to see a longer demo as the "monster" seems to just be a hunter and I don't know why the protagonist freaks out at the sight of someone hunting a deer.
I gave the game a go on my channel, ArthurPlays:

Interesting little game! 
I gave the game a go on my channel, ArthurPlays:

I have to get this off my chest before starting my reply; I have a ton of respect for you now as a developer. I've played my fair share of games where I leave with a not-so-positive attitude and it shows in my videos. When I leave my thoughts in their game's comment sections, the devs are, almost always, rude and unable to listen to criticism. You, however, read and listened to what I had to say and gave me legitimate reasons as to why the game is how it is instead of excuses. Thank you for that.

Anyway, thanks for giving the time to reply to my comment. I was unaware this was for a jam, so now I see why the game is how it is. I know the feeling of wanting to change or add more to a game, but not having the time. I'm glad that you cleared up the "location" problem I was having. I thought that he could just always tell where you were. During my playthrough, I cut out quite a bit including a time where he completely lost me for a good five minutes. I just thought this was because he was slower at the time and I was just moving around quickly after getting the game down. I'm very happy you see this game as a learning experience. The more you experiment and play around with things, the better you'll become! I did enjoy the game for what it was, however (as I said before) I got a bit frustrated with it. However, now that I know that you had limited time and had to make compromises with yourself about development, I fully understand why the game is how it is.

I hope you keep up the amazing work and I'll look forward to anything you decide to make in the future!

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I recently went and played all the way through the game. At first the game is really reminiscent of old edutainment games I used to play on my old Windows 98 pc. The game scared me the first few moments, but then it falls flat. The game suffers from the FNAF formula; where the jumpscares are scary at first, then become annoying. Baldi is simply too fast. If he had to be in line of sight of the player to know where they are, then his speed would be fine. You can't hide from him, he always knows where you are. The game isn't fun and was a drag to get through. It took me almost 2hrs to get through the game and I didn't feel like I won because there is no reward. It's a cute take on old pc games with a horror twist, but after dying over and over and over, it got old quick.
Here is my playthrough on my channel, ArthurPlays: 

This one was a bit different as I noticed Scoob could be in different places each time. Another great game nonetheless!

I still love the meme games! I always have a blast playing them!

Made a little playthrough! This one was easier than the Courage one but still pretty hard. Please enjoy:

Another fantastic game! This one was a little tougher. A lot like Sesame Street. Anyways, I'll just leave my playthrough here:

Might I ask why the low review? I would love to know what to improve so that it's more enjoyable to you.