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I got lost in the sauce because of this game...

Just played the game and now my body is confused...

This "game" was built simply to be a satire on the indie horror game genre. The voice acting is bad, the game is a maze, there is little to no story, the end goal is unclear, the monster glitches, the lighting is awful, bad grammar, ect.

I made it to simply show how easy and repetitive the genre had become to make. This first level took me about an hour to design. I created a maze, slapped in a door, key, monster and let the player loose. However, my brain just can't let me do that so I've actually built two extra levels that are just as bad. They're completed, but I'm waiting for the new engine to release.

I'm glad you got what I was going for with this. Some people took it seriously and that was just as funny to me. It kind of showed me that people will fake-like a terrible game just for the views. Thanks for playing!

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I'm glad you saw the game for what it is. It's supposed to be a satire on the indie horror game genre. Bad map design, bad voice acting, no clear objective and poor lighting.

That being said, I have a major update coming out in the next few days with a lighting overhaul and two new levels. Thank you so much for playing!

In my opinion, this is a spiritual successor to No Players Online. It's much longer and has a few different endings. The game is also littered with small hidden messages. I really enjoyed my time with the game and almost spent too much time. If you want to do everything in the game (without looking it up) this game can take up to an hour or two to complete.

This is one of the best P.T. clones out there. I don't care for P.T. or anything like it. However, this game surprised me in the best way possible. The narrative kept me interested and the loops were interesting. The world had life to it; other P.T. clones lack this.


This is, by far, one of the best horror experiences I've played in a long time. The atmosphere is great; the visuals are great.

Played through the game and loved the aesthetic. It was spot on with the old school DOS games from my childhood. The birds got a bit annoying, but the little end boss was worth it.

As it is their first game release, I expected the "cliche maze game" entry. However, this maze game has some meat on it's bones and has replayablity.

Just played it a I found it a little creepy. I like the "meta" feel you were going for.

Gave the demo a shot!

All I got to say is this is an amazing RMMV horror CRPG. There are a few loopholes and exploits that I abused the crap out of, but I'm sure those will be fixed. I can't wait to see an updated or full version of this game! Again, really great job and can't wait to see more from this developer.

Really great game so far! Here's the second part out of three. In the final episode I'll show off all the fights and little secrets in the game. Also I'll bring up three loop holes I found to pretty much become invincible.

Really interesting little murder mystery game! I like how the protagonist started to get used to the death because of what the twist is. Nevertheless, still a cool little game!

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This is a really new take on the RPG horror format! Things are rather confusing, but I'm figuring things out as I go.

Interesting little game. A lot like your others.

I really like your style! It's a lot different (and pushes the edge) than other developers and their games.

Nice meme.

This is a really new and cool idea! I loved the demo and can't wait for a full release!

Other great game by somewhat! I really enjoy your strange games, very interesting and spooky.

Really cool game! I gave the game a shot!

Played the game and got both endings. Rather short. I also didn't really understand why the framerate would drop to 20 every now and then. 

Played it and absolutely loved it!

Really didn't have a great time with the game. I didn't understand it. I hate maze and parkour sections in video games though, so that might have been it.

Gave the game a shot!

Gave the game a shot!

Gave the game a shot!

Played the game and loved it! Great job guys!

Gave the game a shot...

Gave the game a shot...

Gave the game a shot...

Gave it a go...

Gave it a go...

I was about to beat the game, but I keep getting an error saying "the label: 'ToStaircase2' could not be found". Hope this helps and I hope you update the game so I can beat it.

Gave the game a shot over on my channel, ArthurPlays:

Gave the game a shot over on my channel, ArthurPlays:

Gave the game a shot over on my channel, ArthurPlays: