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I agree with most people here that the new combat is awful if you have zero achievements. The old one looked better and was easy to understand.

Now onto my personal matter, where is the save location?

How do I start the hang with roommates quest? I go to the tavern but nothing happens. I kept playing and when i go back to the shop the quest fails and they are disappointed i never went..

There is no ! in my map. Only the ? around. It is found in the very last area right?

Anyone knows what do I have to look for to edit my eroticism stat in a save?

I have fed them to 26 likes and trained all of the other skills too

Odd, I have gotten to the point where the message (accept your position) appears but I dont have the mount training option..

Is there truly a way to get your pets to fuck you?

I manage to edit it now. I just have to close the game before loading the save. Before I could have the game open while doing so. And no the save was from this version fyi

I can no longer edit my save file with saveeditoronline or other programs, why is that?

After some trial and error I found out I was at level 43, thank you!

That would help hmm. I think I was a couple of unlocks ahead of that super mod that lets you resurrect once in a weakened state, do you remember what mods would those be? And what level?

So I found a big problem. I have been playing for a while and unlocked plenty of stuff and just a few mins ago I was playing and the power went off. When it came back and opened the game again all my progress was wiped out... Help?

Where is the save game file located if it exists?

About this, what are the flags for disc/encouraging him? I wanna use a save editor online to remove the part where I told him to go to the camp