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Thank you for playing! No I didn't make the music, the license.txt file has the credit and link to the author's page. It was free music I found online. I did all the art and programming however.

Pretty fun game, didn't encounter any technical issues. I really liked the music and the arcade feel to it. The graphics were also good. I didn't get to try 2 player mode but I think that would be a lot of fun.
I did feel like the gameplay could be improved. Being able to pick up more weapons would be nice. I thought that the gamepad controls were hard to get used to with the second analog for aiming, I expected shooting to work in 8 directions. I switched to the keyboard and mouse since it was much easier to play that way. I also noticed enemies could get stuck in each other so you could walk around and gather them all in one spot then kill them.

Thanks for trying it out and for the suggestions! The clock not updating numbers should not happen unless you changed the setting for always_on_top. I don't have any immediate plans of updating it but if I do, I'll fix this so the clock can be used as a wallpaper.
The background used in the screenshot can be found online if you like it: Link

Thank you for making a video!