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It would be really cool

I want more monsters  and more points to upgrade you'reself. And some new weapons an characters please.

hxJuL 6 elements. I think the red balls are some kind of lifeform, but I'm not quit sure. They eat yellow I think.

I mean that you can decide the reactions of ALL the Elements. And how they react to each other. I made this post so you can better understand what I'm saying because I'm bad at describing things.

Don't make it on mobile please. This is not a shitty mobile game but a very good, intresting and fun game FOR PC.

Could you please make that you can decide how each element reacts to the other. Like so: Blue + red=red is blue now , 1 green shoots away and gives him a bit of boost Forward because green is repulsiv against blue.  Please make this, it would be easier to create life and I would be a very happy Couch potato. Im only twelf so sorry for my writing.