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The bad news: I have no other options available right now when it comes to hosting mod content.

The good news: There seriously isn't much mod content available that works in the current version anyway, and modding will probably be dropped later on since I have other plans that will make them obsolete.

On the discord.

But there's almost nothing there, and the ones that are there aren't guaranteed to work, as I haven't seen much going on to maintain them.

I thought I put it in a good spot, but i can look into it again. maybe a confirmation.

That really needs to be made obvious in the lore, because it isn't. Every single time the PC bottoms, it's described in some way as unusual for a dragon.

Umbra says he'll look into it. Do you have any specific encounters in mind where this happens?

I can find them just fine. There are no bottom scenes there (or in the case of the Eastern Dragon, no bottom scenes for winning), unless they're locked behind something I don't know about.

Looked into it. Seems like the caravan scenes need a lust of 51 or higher to see, so that might be one issue.

There are two eastern dragons; one is friendly, the other isn't. The aggressive one can be power-bottomed if you win, and will top if you lose. The friendly one has a choice of combat, and you top if you win.... and apparently sort of top when you lose, too. \o/

I definitely agree that they should.

Due to the weird nature of the friendly eastern, it is an odd case where you are apparently top with no option to walk out, since it occurs due to a combat loss. This is an exception to the rule, though, and most cases where you could top should have a means of just walking away without doing anything.

If they're 50-50, based on how I've been playing, I should be seeing predominantly bottom scenes, since I'm not doing any of the things that cause top scenes other than random non-combat encounters. But that isn't what's happening. 

There is a lean towards topping it would seem, and I would revise my percentages to be closer to 65% topping.

But, if you get into combat, and lose frequently, you should see mostly bottom scenes. Fleeing combat does not work, as it triggers a separate scene that usually isn't sexual.

I will add the option to surrender in the future in order to force the loss scene, since currently there is no way to trigger it other than fighting back and hoping you lose.

It's entirely possible that i broke the Mac version when i reworked saving back in v022.

But, the save data folder hasn't really changed location.

There are two possible locations for the saves: I prefer to use the game's folder if the OS allows it, but if that fails there is a secondary folder that's supposed to always work, buried off in the middle-of-fucking-nowhere in appdata.

Launching the game and opening the save menu will tell you which location it's using, and it's path.


If neither of these are working, even if you create a new game and save it, then I'm not sure what's broken.

I have no idea what's going on in this thread. So i'll just pick out things i've seen so far and say stuff about it.

I kinda get the impression this game expects you to be a top, 

The game does not expect you to be either a top or a bottom, and contains content for both.

because you're a dragon, and being a bottom is apparently weird for dragons. Even though many of the bottom NPCs are dragons. I don't really get it, honestly.

The general lore consensus is that dragons are rampantly sexual creatures, and I might pose a reason for that rampant sexuality later on. A dragon's top or bottom preference is entirely dependent on the dragon/NPC in question. There is no definitive "All dragons are tops."

Based on what you've told me, I'm starting to think I'm not *missing* anything at all, and it's it's just that the start of the game is very, very, very, very, very slow and I just haven't gotten there yet.

There is currently no content locked behind level, as far as I'm aware.

1. Constantly losing fights to the chromatic dragons will let you to meet your posibly future husband (you're the bottom of course unless you want to the be top by defeating him, hardest fight in the game btw)


I've tried 1, that is just a game over screen...

Like other games in the genre, the game-overs are content just as much as the non-game overs. Due to the disruptive nature of them though, we have kept them to a minimum and made them relatively obvious.

2. Defeating the eastern dragons made you a power bottom

3. You can bottom for the dragons that messes with a certain caravan.


2 and 3 have *never* come up. I know there's a random chance factor, but it must be incredibly uncommon.

If you cant find the caravan, or the eastern dragons, you are either searching for them in the wrong area, or you have an outdated version of  the game. I know the eastern dragon can be found in the mountains, or maybe the plains... not sure on the caravan.

Why would "get fucked" improve your level but not "suck him off"...?

Unless umbra has been doing weird shit with the scripting, only winning combat improves level. This might change in the future though.

I'm not trying to find more bottom scenes, I'm trying to figure out how much of the game requires me to be a top

Well, every combat has at least one victory scene and one loss scene, and you are usually top in the victory scenes, and usually bottom in the loss scenes.

There's also a pretty varied sprinkling of non-combat encounters, some as top, bottom, and a few with choices for both.

Without diving in and counting every single scene by hand, I'd assume about 50% of the game is you being top.

and also how much requires me to be higher level. Because it feels like... a whole fucking lot of it.

There are two encounters that can't be won (but can be encountered) at level one. Frost, and the chromatic/poly dragon. Currently, every other encounter in the game scales to your level, and nothing is locked behind being a specific level.

We CLEARLY did not play the same game. Like, even with random chance... there is no way top scenes were that common for me when bottom scenes are more frequent for you. I don't need to try at all to be forced to top constantly, over and over again. Bottom scenes are very few and far between and frequently require me to top them first.

I stand by my assessment that roughly 50% of the game is top, but I will ask the writer what his opinion is on the percentage, since he's the one who would really know. Forced to top seems a bit excessive though, as any encounter you get into where you could become the top should also have the option to just walk out.

Only bottoming is forced outright, and it's usually only forced if you lose combat, or are trying to avoid combat.

Maybe your customization options at the start have an impact? Did I just accidentally create a top-heavy vers character at the start, without trying, since the options don't tell you anything about that? 

Start customization has no impact. Except being female, which effectively locks you out of all content since the main writer doesn't do straight content. Honestly, I should probably remove gender choice entirely. \o/

I dont see why it wouldnt, but i did break saves somewhere between .19 and .22, and I never figured out where.

Either way, I wouldnt get too attached. future updates might come along that will force a character reset.


New locations on hold until after things are made more gamelike. An actual progression will be coming soon/eventually, and all current content has to fit into that progression before new stuff can be considered.

Interesting. Must have been an issue on the user's side...

I will re-enable the download.

I received word that it doesn't run at all. Without a means to test it on my side, I have no way of fixing it.

Sadly, it is probably dead. If I do run across something that seems like a plausible fix, i'll release it on the usual schedule and hope for the best.

No clue how long thats been broken, or if it's been broken all along. In the year i've been doing this, you're the first person ive heard of to use the mac version.

I will look into it, but without a mac to test on, this will probably be the death of the mac build. Sorry D:

Our discord server is the only official source of mods, and as far as I know is currently the only place to find them.

Nein. The writer doesn't do herms, either.

All sex scenes in the base game will be male.

You could always pose your herm ideas to the mod writers, though. There's a small group on the Discord.

Everything related to modding is on the Discord. Seriously.

The game has a very basic rundown on how to make your own stuff, located in Orrias_data/StreamingAssets

But if you want the more advanced reference/guide to modding, OR if you want to download any of the existing mods, it's all on Discord.

The link is still active and working as far as I can see.

(2 edits)

No female content in the base game, no. The addon system was created in the hopes that someone else would do it, since the main Orrias writer does not do female content.

The stats thing is odd. I'll have to look into that.

Edit: So, everything is working as intended, but it IS a little confusing in its current state.

Your combat stats are a number between 1 and 100, but they're listed on the character screen with a word, and there is only three tiers of word it can use (Weak, average, strong... etc)... So it does take awhile before it rolls over to the next word.

We'll look into either adding more tiers to make it more noticable, or just display the number itself, in the following release.

Edit2: Looks like we're going to do the numerical values. Sorry for the confusion D:

Keep an eye on the comments section here, on my FA, and in the orrias discussion on our discord server.

I am certain by Oct 1st, I will have at least one user asking why they can't find anything good after choosing a female or herm PC.

I might be able to do things slightly differently for convenience. Maybe a drag and drop system. But I can't place a timeframe on such a thing at this time. I must stop adding things for awhile and fix up what is currently in the game; especially the code itself.

Regardless of what I change however, the one thing that will never change is the requirement of downloading the addons seperately. The point of the system is to remove myself from the equation. If i added them to the game directly like that, then any time an author wanted to change something, or if they wanted all of their content removed for any reason, I would have to do those changes myself, and they'd be limited to the monthly release cycle.

Removing myself means content updates can happen any day, instead of on my monthly schedule. Also, I don't have to do anything at all with the content, which if a lot of people start doing stuff, would eventually bury me. We're currently seeing about 2 new writers starting up per month.

Other than that requirement, we'll see what happens in the future.

(2 edits)

Not yet I'm afraid. I even released a modding system that lets ANYONE write content for the game, hoping someone would come along and write it...

And out of the 4 or so people who have decided to mess with it, I don't think any of them are doing straight stuff.


Edit: I was wrong. Apparently the only addon (downloadable) we have right now is actually a M/F encounter. So there is in fact one, singular M/F scene, yes.

(1 edit)

Nothing I can do about it at present. Perhaps later on.

(1 edit)

Downloading others' creations is a thing, yes, and its a part of 0.19 which dropped today! OwO

There is no dedicated site per se, but there is a dedicated (and moderated) Discord channel for this purpose, on our discord server. Tacky? Yea, but it's free.

Roadmap: Yes no kinda? I maintain a todo list that only the devs can see. I don't prescribe to a solidified roadmap because I am constantly changing the order in which I am doing things depending on what I overhear people asking for most. So instead, i have a list of things i want to do that is constantly being added or removed from, and the priority order of the work is constantly shifting.

Pictures/art: Eventually? Unfortunately I am the sole programmer AND artist for the game. Working on one means subtracting time from the other. I am also still learning art, so the results aren't ideal.

Support: You can now support by writing content for the game! Also you could share the game? Not a lot of people know we're doing a thing here XD

It means anyone can come to the discord server and learn our scripting language DragonScript and write anything they want into the game.

We have a few people already doing that. Technically anyone could start right now, although the release for actually running the content won't be available until August 1st.

That was actually the intended 0.20 release.

But due to popular demand, we've changed course and are currently working on a way for anyone to write content for Orrias with zero involvement from the dev team.

That is actually happening on the next release. Hooray! So finally my response to the question, "when will we have females in the game?" Will be, "as soon as you or someone else writes them in!"

Version 0.20 will be me fine tuning this system, and after that hopefully I can get back to my big map project.

(2 edits)

This is a strange problem, and I can't reproduce the same effect on my devices. 

After downloading I receive a file called orrias.apk which my device places at "/storage /emulated/0/download/" (the default downloads folder)  Then I can run the APK and it installs, after the Play store scans it.

I have asked in the discord server for anyone else who has downloaded this month's Android version, to see if anyone else has an Android device that this is not working on. Have you had this problem with any other Android APK files on

Edit: there may be a setting on your device that you have to enable or disable in order to use apps outside of the Play store. The link below has a section explaining where you might find that setting.

Also this one, just ignore the stuff about expressvpn.

I'm aware of the sizes (among other things) being incredibly vague. I've thrown a lot of systems together quickly, and I'm slowly trying to fine tune them as I go. I seem to be better at throwing in new stuff than fixing old stuff XD But I do come back around (See: the combat rework!)

Anthros would probably be around a size 10, for a comparison, and the sizes escalate quickly from there; perhaps 20 for horse-sized, 30 for elephantine, 40+ and you're getting into mythical beast sizes. 70+ is in the realm of "small" macros that could walk over mountain ranges in a few steps.

My original concept for all of the size statistics, was that bodysize was the primary size, and all other sizes were relative to bodysize. So a bodysize 2 with a cock size of 90 is a chihuaha with a dick the size of a baseball bat, while a bodysize 90 with a cocksize of 2 is... Mount Everest with the Washington Monument sticking out of it.

I'll see if I can flesh this out better in future releases owo

Everything has comments enabled, and you just posted a comment?.. o.O

Umbra will have to answer the writing question.

Thanks owo

Will continue. First of the month, every month, like clockwork~

Though soon, we might see content popping up all month, depending on how many writers suddenly start modding the game. :O

Thanks! owo

I'm not sure if the game will ever reach a truly "finished" state due to its extremely open-ended nature, but I will admit that there is currently not a lot in it right now, and there are a lot of half-finished things added in XD

Both/Either. There is currently no female content in the game at all, and eventually there may someday be female NPC and PC content.

Thanks and thanks! owo

Female content eventualllyyyyyy when third party writers do it yadda yadda, same spiel you've already read. On the plus side, if we were aiming to be the biggest male-centric game in the genre, we probably already succeeded! >u<

It's a small list   ._.

Eventually! owo

Maybe eventually?

The only programmer for the game is also the only artist.

Unsurprisingly, he spends 99% of the time programming instead of drawing.

My usual answer regarding additional writers at this time is "no". The bar for entry into the core team has been set obscenely high. As such, any additional writers will likely be third-party, when the system is in place for anyone to write up their own thing and distribute it.

I've made the hunger system not change your size as long as you're within 30-70 fullness. It's also a lot easier to hunt and actually find something, and hunger decreases slower than it used to.

Any additional changes to the system will probably have to wait a significant amount of time, as I'm currently messing with the combat system slightly, and then finishing up the major project I started last month, and maybe getting things set up for third party writers because I'm getting asked about female content repeatedly. Soooo its a minimum of 3 months away and probably more than that.

Well the good news is, a lot more stuff is sure to be added! I'm going to try and make the gameplay elements like combat actually functional for the july release, we'll see, and there's a much larger change coming later that I've been secretive of, probably in august.

The bad news is, the devteam writers are only really interested in male content. You probably won't see female content until after I make it possible for third parties to write, test, and distribute content without requiring dev involvement. 

Keep checking back, I suppose. The idea isn't abandoned, just stuffed behind a lot of other stuff. :3

Probably when I make it possible for anyone to write content for the game by just dropping the right files in the right folders.

So its probably a ways off, but maybe not as long as you'd think, but then it probably IS as long as you think, or maybe even longer!

I wouldn't think about it too much.

Dont be? I mean, it's fixed now!

Fixed in next release.

This information was -way- more useful than the information from 15 days ago regarding this. :p

Strange. I'll have to look at it. Everything seemed to be in order...

Currently the only way to decrease size is to keep your hunger really low. I think its below 30, at least.

It's a really crap system that needs to be rebuilt (And still hasnt, as of the upcoming May release.)

Umbra is the other developer. Specifically, he's the one that does all of the actual writing.

Jack is the one that does all of the coding. :3

HTML5 is something I wanted to try to do in the future, so maybe!

Mac is difficult. I could try to make a build for it on the next release (April 1st), but I have absolutely no way of testing it!