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I love this game, tysm Devs 

And you thought the first demo was scary, wait till you play the 2nd demo. 

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Can't wait for the full release.

Greeting from Thailand, this game is very scary absolutely love it.

For a dollar you get two hours of a fully voice visual novel and multiple endings, now that can't be beat. 

Very intriguing game, I am surprise by how these people died. 

No I didn't, thanks again. 

So peaceful, thank you for making this game it truly gave me some peace of mind. 

This game reminds me of a horror movie call The Thing. 

Thank you for making this game. 

For just a dollar you'll get a horror game that will leave you in terror and puzzled. 

Short but yet entertaining.

Very interesting horror game with some incredible lighting


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Short, yet very interesting horror game.