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never have I ever known a furry to NOT be an autistic degenerate. every time its an excuse like "I'm not as bad as those _______ furries." or "its not TECHNICALLY illegal" or "I just really like the art." (oh i bet you do)

the truth is painfully obvious. You discovered the "adult" tab on newgrounds when you were 8. and started fapping to poorly animated sandy cheeks from spongebob on it. This turned you into an autistic weirdo. You probably got bullied for it which is why you like to wear a mask. So you can hide from accountability. YIFF IN HELL :)

~ heres to all of you disgusting faggots getting ass cancer and dying a slow agonizing death. Cheers!

Disregard that I suck cocks 

perfectly personifies the mental illness of gender dysphoria...also kinda gay

why do index controllers work for the VR/PC demo but not the full version?

be nice if the creator made some new features...bout 30mins of fun then youve seen everything