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Interesting concept and really nice art. I am a bit confused as to how the systems get online again after being turned off, some info about that would've been helpful. Really nice game!

I'm getting some errors in the console, and it doesn't appear to be working very well (I can move dots to the bottom right, but they just disappear and nothing happens when all the dots are gone).

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The audio was pretty nice! Gameplay was fun, but a bit confusing at the start. I can definitely see how more complex puzzles can be made with this concept. The spheres around the buttons looked really cool!

Pretty cool. I was definitely headbanging to the beat :)

The diagonal board configuration was a bit confusing though, and I feel like I should've been able to move on every beat instead of only half of the beats. Once I got the hang of it it felt a bit slow.

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Very cool puzzle game, nicely done! The first few levels do a good job at explaining the mechanic.

Very cool game. Gameplay is about 15-20 minutes I think. 

Controls: x or v (both work) is the only control probably. Very nice pixel art. The gameplay is a bit challenging, but it is quite fun and you respawn right next to where you died which is nice. Overall really cool game. Well done!

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Very hard from the beginning, too hard in my opinion. And there's no screen with the controls.

And I'm very bad at the game.