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Hello, that depends on what do you mean by "make a game". Do you plan to hire me as a developer for a game?

Thanks for taking the time to play! I did switch those controls on purpose for two reasons:

1) I do believe that's how the "headless" piloting of a real drone actually works.

2) By making it a bit confusing there's a bit of a learning curve to it. I did play test with some of my friends and while it was confusing as first, they would soon adapt. I thought it fitted the "out of control" theme of the jam

Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to make it a bit more dificult than normally since the whole theme is "Out of Control"

Thank you for the feedback! I though about making the controls switch instead of completely failing, so you would have to adapt. Sadly that thought came a bit too late for me to make the change haha

Thanks for playing!

Oh I understand. Maybe you could add icons that represent what each conversation option is. Then we could try to discover what each conversation option's icon is by doing stuff around the world.

Example: we are talking to a character that is of type scissors, and we need to figure out which of the conversation options is a rock so we can win. We do that by interacting with some stuff around the world that is related to that character

It's a cool concept. I just don't see how it fits the rock paper scissors theme

Hello again. After some more deliberation, we decided that for the time being we want our game to be available only on itch. 

You see, we plan to update the game on the near future, but, wish to localize it's spread for the time being, in preparation for a full fledged release.

Thank you for speaking to us about your request and we hope you will give the game a try in a couple of weeks when we've updated it with more content!

Ok, I understand now. One last question: I'm just wondering, why are you interested in uploading our game to another website?

I see, is there a way to link the download to this page? This is our primary way of checking the trendiness of the game in these very early steps.

Hello, do you mean a torrent to be downloaded via a p2p service?

Thank you for your response!

Oh, i see. Well, we have raised that question already and will be implementing this functionatily in one of the next updates!

Hi, i believe you posted this in the wrong game.

Thank you! I also really liked your mash of 2D and 3D graphics. 

Thanks for the feedback! Could you explain what was confusing about the controls? Cheers!

Thanks for commenting! Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve the controls?

Thanks for taking the time to play our game! Glad you enjoyed!

We tried using that control scheme but it seemed a bit clunky for what we envisioned for the gameplay feel.

On a related note, could we link your gameplay video on the game's page?

So this is where it came from. This is awesome

The graphics look cool, but I don't get what the paper skill does. Also the rock doesn't go in the direction the player is facing, Maybe it would benefit if there was a way to know where the rock will go (something like a aim helper)

Thanks for taking the time to play and record yourself playing our little project! Is it okay if I link your video in the description of the game here on itch?

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Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to implement a way for the player to change the control scheme before playing, but didn't have the time. I plan to do it in one of the next updated, so keep an eye out, there's a lot to be added to this game!

Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to implement a way for the player to change the control scheme before playing, but didn't have the time. I plan to do it in one of the next updated as I gradually build this game to become commercially viable!

Thanks for playing! 

That is a strange bug, no doubt. I will look into it, proably has something to do with the collision detection with the ground. 

Like I responded on some other comments, I planned to add a way to change the keys to select each rune before the game starts, and plan to do so in upcoming updates! 

Thanks a lot for taking your time to play our game, I really enjoyed yours too!

Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to implement a way to change the keys for each rune, but didn't have time. I will be improving upon this game to make it a full fledged experience. Thanks for playing!

Also, could I pin your video review jn the game's page?

Cool concept, it's similar to mine. However I think the A and D mechanic for switching the bullet types one after the other is cumbersome. It would be nicer to make it a button  prompt for each type, like in my game. That makest easier to respond to what is happening on the screen. Overall, cool game!

Your concept is really similar to mine, but the gameplay feels a bit repetitive (basically all you do is press S and shoot the correct magic staff). That being said it feels pretty smooth and responsive. Would be cool to have an indication if the spell hits the enemy or not (like some particle effect or animation)

Really cool concept! The narration was a bit cheesy but it adds to the atmosphere. Solid entry to the jam!

The surfing guy youy have to make the surfing greeting that is seen in the cover art for the game (thumb and pinky finger out and all the rest in)
The coffe is just the pinky outside (classy finger placement while holding a coffee mug)

Round survived 45. Really cool concept congratulations!

Just saw your video, thanks so much for playing and taking the time to record it! 

We will take your UI suggestions to heart and improve upon this initial concept. 

Glad you enjoyed playing! Hope to see more comments from you on our other games aswell! Take care!

Glad to hear that, good luck! Also, in case you are Portuguese or Brazilian, boa sorte amigo.

Cool concept, but I thought it was a coop game. You could easily make this into a coop game where each player controls an individual turret / cannon


Thanks for the feedback! 

You'll be glad to hear that I'm working in a full 3D version with both competitive and coop modes, multiple maps and also controller support.

if you wish to stay in the know, follow me here on itch, I will be releasing a demo really soon!

This is the new asset for the Dam bro's, complete with animations!

Thanks for your feedback. This was a hasty submission since I didn't have much time to polish.

Basically you have to repair your holes more than your adversary's so that your percentage (shown at the top of the screen) doesn't deplete as quick.

The more holes you have, the quicker your life depletes. It's not about having more items but having the correct items to repair the holes on your side of the river.

But still, thanks for taking the time to play it!

Got featured in the top 10 games video! Check it out, @3:18ish