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Hesham Maher

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couldn't understand the game

very good game and challenging (Y) 

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could not play it as i have no friend to play with me but it seems a very good game maybe you wanna post a video of you playing with someone so we can watch
can you contact me i want to ask you about a few things about networking if you can help me you can contact me on discord @ETcH#1568 or on linkedin
that would be great if do contact me

nice game
just one thing need to be fixed just when you win a level just load the next level and also when u die in a level just restart the level no need to go back to the level menu it's so annoying
but overall very good game

fun game  just need to make the colliders a little closer to the objects and check that bug about the coins
what did you use for the camera movement ?

Thank you so much for your honest opinion in the game i was just making this game to practice coding as i was out of practice for 2 months and was hired in a new company and i thought of that already and i've planned for this game to add some effects and missions for single-player and make a multiplayer game using mirror or Photon

level 1 is so frustrating and is not that easy and it should be the introduction to the game at least

please build the game for web and upload it