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I really have no idea what is causing it but since I think I fixed getting soft locked I can write down this one as solved haha

well, bones are handled by the built in physics engine so there's really nothing I can do about the glitches, except for saying it's not a bug, it's a feature!

and you are still at the first level of the game, you have many more to go so I hope to get more feedback haha

I think I have fixed it now, just had to fix the ground detection a bit

hey thanks for reporting this one, i think it's all about the ground collision of the jump that in that specific one pixel the detection doesnt detect the platform and you get stuck I will try and fix it.

Thank you very much for letting me know! :)

ah you found the doggy! yes he absolutely is a good boy :)

I wonder if the glitches are still there after getting the fork or not

you really do have a talent in breaking the physics haha I don't even know where to begin to fix this one

it must be a bug, will get on this one too, thanks for letting me know :)

i literally never imagined anybody would find these hahah

holy cow man how do you manage to break the game in so many ways hahah

Hey josh, sorry for the bug, I will go fix it right now!

Also, very creative to try and move the giant haha but you just need to jump over him and go up, maybe it's not clear?

Hey Thank you very much! Glad that you had fun! :)

I'm glad you like it! I'd be happy to I watch you play it on stream!

such a fun mechanic! you should absolutely work on this game it can be so good!

I started the game and I was like, why wasd keys don't work and then it just clicked lol

Right now I wish there was a reset button because I often waste a few bullets at the beginning and make it impossible on myself

Best of luck!

Hey thanks for your kind comment! I am glad you are liking the game :)

Thanks again and wish you the best in your own game development!

Hey I am so glad you enjoyed playing! even though the game is designed to be frustrating in a way haha

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Works fine in the browser for me, maybe refreshing will fix it for you.

Edit: seems sometimes the game needs to be clicked on to start responding, no idea why.

Wow this looks amazing!

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Got me flopping for a long long time. Super addicting even though it's not easy to make progress :D

You really need to make this game longer, there is something about repeating on pressing the button that gets me.

Wish there were more endings tho.

Great game nevertheless!

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Waiting to check this out, looks really good in the trailer


Played the game, the walking speed is too slow so after 30 minutes I found only a fountain and restarted the game a few times because I felt like I am going the wrong direction and walking speed was too slow to go back.

Would be nice to have some basic purpose and please faster walking speed.

Good luck with the rest of the development!

I created an account just to thank you for this awesome pack! this is wonderful! thank you!