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3100+ downloads! Wtf guys I thought this meme was ded but y’all keep downloading. If you guys can get Jim Sterling to review this game. I’ll update it. Otherwise I’ll let it die. 🗿🗿🗿(plz somehow make it happen)

Idk if it’s gonna be on Xbox store. Tried it and didn’t work

extract file and click BigCHungus.exe

Basically a shitpost reincarnated as a game

That’s hot

Ill need to talk to you privately. Do you have an email I can contact. Discord would be easiest for me.

It should just work out of the box. No need for mapping usually

Idk if ur being serious or not. Do you actually have publisher accounts. Can you port from unity? Lmk if ur being serious

No it’s north

well the meme is dead now so rip

Not supposed to be taken seriously. Pretty obvious by the first 5 second intro


No. What r u checking it on

o shit this got 1000+ downloads. Damn I just made this as a joke asset dump but ppl be downloading it I guess

u have to go downstairs and beat the enemys until you get to the bottom level and fight thanos