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I would set it up in a program like paint or something first (or krita or inkscape) with the number and eye together, export as image then use that for the dice face. at least until Igor adds that option because he's amazing.

Set 2 of 2 Anniversary Gift

Set 1 of 2 Anniversary Gift


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I have created 5 dice sets already for friends and family - waiting impatiently for the first set to print my thoughts to updates is maybe, add supports, don't get me wrong, I can do my own supports,  but lord almighty, it sucks supporting 60 dice. 

maybe an option? export with or without supports?

Halo Dice for my son.

MC helmet for D2

Thank you for this, and for feeding my dice goblin hobby.

- math rocks go click clack all day long.

Oh, it was a compliment! Thank god I finally beat the boss, so I can be a good boy now and only play for fun instead of obsessively.

This game is about to ruin my marriage. I can't stop playing.

My only wish is to be able to download it so I can play it offline on my phone.

this is a beautiful asset, I was wondering if you might work on something similar with leaves and such, maybe thicker trunks. but as is I will be using this.