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It’s pretty rad!

This seems pretty damn neat. I’m gonna recommend this to my groups GM. :-)

Always glad to see more SDL2 tutorials and information for hobbyists. :-)

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If this is a proof of concept for a larger Slave Zero X FPS then I think y’all are very much proving that you have a great creative vision and understanding of how make it come to life with the Quake engine. Great work!

It’s a pretty neat system. I’m going to try and run this with my TTRPG this semester.

Old-school 16-bit dungeon style. Nice colors, nice chiptunes music, nice overall homage to games like Zelda.

The Monogame’s community is a funny bunch. Great humor.

Very impressive!

Looking good!

Thank you for making such a wonderful fox. :-)

This is a great font. I use it a ton for testing in Godot. I think it has a great retro look and feel!

I will use this fox for a prototype project. Great work. Looks wonderful and very well done.

It looks great. I like the font. With great fonts like this you’ll get your PC funds most certainly.

I belive I did that. Perhaps I exported the wrong file?

I think I had it restricted on accident. I made it public. There isn’t much “game” here unfortunately. I mostly just wanted to try the process of submitting a game jam project using the export features in Godot 3.5.2. I’ll do better in the next jam.

It’s a really nice tool to familiarize your with GDScript. Chip in a few bucks and support those who are helping folks build the games of tomorrow.

This is some of the best SDL2 tutorials out there. I think this is a great resource for beginner programmers in general, as well as people learning the SDL2 library

How very exciting. It’s really been great watching the progress unfold for this game. You devlog series has been really insightful on how much work goes into a project. Great work.

Thanks. I’m using this in my Godot learning project.

This skeleton guy rules.

Pixel middle is exactly want I’m looking for my hobby project thank you.

Very impressive collection! Thank you for creating and sharing this with development community.

You should be very proud of your work. There is a lot of love, passion, craft, and skill that went into. I have it marked down on my wishlist and I’ll be sure to pick it up when it’s ready. really excited.

Very excited to see this game progress. I remember seeing a post on r/indiedev I think from Imgur. It’s come SOO far along! Well done.

This is rad as hell!

I’ll give another try in english. :-)

Thank you! I’m excited to do more development with Godot.

Very high production for a game jam project. Very errie and creepy. Very interesting how well the games translates even though I don’t know much spanish. Very cool!

I was only able to work on it Friday through Sunday. I know it doesn’t meet the criteria of the game, but I just want to challenge myself to work though a project over a weekend. My plan is that the next submission to the next wild jam is larger and more in-line with the jam guidelines. This is my first game submission on

It’s a very cool system with very well done world-building.

It’s a nice project. The movement feels a big sluggish though. I would try and tune up that a bit. I do like the dimishing battery on the flashlight and the overall level design is very well done.

Simple and well done isometric assets.

Which a strange and interesting prototype. It obviously has a lot of love and care in it. Great work, I’ll check out your other work as well.

This game keeps looking better and better! So excited to see it progress. I remember finding it on a random post on r/indiedev and wowzer has this game improved!

This is just a simple platformer. I wanted to learn more about SDL2 and C programming. I think this game jam was a great opportunity to try and complete a project as quickly as possible. I learned a lot and will take those lessons into my next project.

I’m having a lot of fun with this one!

If you’re a starting C language and want to learn how to develop games using SDL2, then I would highly recommend this tutorial series. They are a great introduction into programming in C and using the many features of SDL2. They hold your hand, but also force you to look at the source code to learn what’s going on under the hood. If you’re like me and re-write what the author writes it will help solidify a lot of the concepts. You can even mod the tutorials for extra practice.

Best $5 (or more) you can spend with regard to learning SDL2.

I had a lot of fun!

This game looks pretty dope. Take your time and do it right, I'm sure this will be a blast when it's good and ready.