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A member registered Dec 10, 2017

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perhaps a replacement "plug" could be swapped in when reaching a certain size

perhaps too much pressure causes corked "hole" to bulge outward, like the cork wont pop out, but skin has to stretch

will this get "save/load" functions soon?

any nudity or merely suggestive?

sex dice game eh? let's give it a roll

immobile inflation perhaps? like MEGA bloat/preg

out of curiosity, would next update be a genderbend scenario/path?

i can't unlock anything in the gallery

hoping to see more ways to stuff yourself in this, maybe some more "kinky" ideas too

uncensored when?

was anything new added? or just an update for versions usable?

can't wait to see playable version

i can tell this is based off of MBN series

are there more revive items available? 

i've looked on every single area on the gravestones i can interact with, and nothing's there.

i cant find either half of the button...

so, just touchin the butt and butt****, is that all or am i missing something? (just asking)

can wait to see future updates


so, nothing happens after u finish?

does this have english version? or is this strictly japanese?

well, progress is progress. as long as something is getting done.

any news on updates?

i understand that you like working on new stuff, but old stuff needs some attention too. Just saying.

that's gud, i would very much love to see the finished game.

so, why isnt this labeled as a demo? or when will the official release be, well, released?