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A member registered Dec 10, 2017

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was anything new added? or just an update for versions usable?

can't wait to see playable version

i can tell this is based off of MBN series

are there more revive items available? 

i've looked on every single area on the gravestones i can interact with, and nothing's there.

i cant find either half of the button...

so, just touchin the butt and butt****, is that all or am i missing something? (just asking)

can wait to see future updates


so, nothing happens after u finish?

does this have english version? or is this strictly japanese?

well, progress is progress. as long as something is getting done.

any news on updates?

i understand that you like working on new stuff, but old stuff needs some attention too. Just saying.

that's gud, i would very much love to see the finished game.

so, why isnt this labeled as a demo? or when will the official release be, well, released?