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Quoting uade down below: "I really wish there were more games such as this one." Indeed.

A game about walking from the start to the end of the map a couple of times. I liked it.

Noticed in “readme” that “some anti virus programs might want to check the application once because of it's encryption”.  

Usually, when my antivirus program finds something suspicious, it let me choose if I want to open a game or not, which isn’t the case with this game as McAfee blocks it entirely.

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Just completed the game. As they say, better late than never.

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Noted, the “hint system for struggling players, contingent upon getting Game Overs” was a good idea.


After having played through several RPG Maker horror games, Prom Dreams remains my favorite, owed to the story and the characters, their personalities and what shaped them. Actually, you can sympathize with everyone of the characters, however bad they are.


For instance, I played it through twice and saw Neela and Brooke in a different light the second time. Your first impression of Neela is the kind-hearted girl, it’s hard not to like her. But, she protects her father, who has no scruples when it comes to criminal activity, and harming innocent people for life. The stone-hearted Brooke seems to be the kind of richman's child who was compensated with material things, instead of having received affection from her parents. You don’t choose your parents, and there’s a chilly atmosphere over the home shew grew up in. And what about Dolores? Well, had we shared her background, quite a few of us would also have gone insane.

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Thx for reply.

(Spoiler) It was that vase - that I had checked some 100 times - next to the telly that gave me a headache. I learned something about the lights …

Usually, I give up games when getting stuck for too long, but I like the simplicity of this game so moving on, trying to figure out what to do with the unreadable thumb drive (when you finally find it, of course it had to be unreadable 😊) …

Noticed that I’ve already enjoyed one of your previous games, Midnight Explorers, which I played through twice. 

Edited: "Heroine" and "The Survivor?" achieved. I had a good time, thinking outside the box.

I've been stuck for an hour now. I guess I need the combination for the safe to move further. A hint, please?

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Give “Prom Dreams” a try for half an hour. If you find it interesting, you have +10 hours of free gameplay ahead of you.  

During the school day, Kyle gets to know three new girls. He arranges to meet each of them the next day, but makes a mess of it by agreeing to meet everyone on the lunch break. Which there isn't time for, so who will he keep his promise to and who will he disappoint?  

Genre: horror.
Usually I skip games with a lot of dialogue, but every main character in this game carries a secret, and I couldn’t quit playing until their backstories and secrets had been revealed to me.

(Note, if not already installed, download RTP before downloading game, see link on the game's page.)

”RPGVXAce RTP required to run this game.”

I had issues what to do after download, but found this vid:

Thx for reply.

I may be stupid, but I never understood the purpose of the ice machine? I still had to buy the same amount of ice to be able to make recipes.

Nice game, but it becomes a lot of grinding if you want the gaming PC (a bit expensive, isn’t it?).

Great game, nice music. However, I played it twice, and at both occasions the game froze when I purchased the solar panel.

This is a masterpiece. A bit annoying before you can afford your first police/fire station, but that’s part of the game. The guide was helpful, though it took me a while to realize that you could combine the four maps, and build people’s homes and industries in separate regions.

I played this on ’Crazy Games’ but never found the real secret of Mars. I guess that version wasn’t complete, for ex. there was no final boss. However, like I enjoyed the old Motherload, I also enjoyed Red Miner MarsX a lot.

Tip: it takes some time to earn money, but below 3,000 you get very rich, very quick.

Well, not much to do for the player of this game, but I guess that's a blessing compared to how the workers had it in those days. Nice piece of history, though.
PS. Used ctrl- to have the game fit into the screen.

"Follow citizen" ... I followed Emili, 86-years-old. She spent most of her time at the nightclub.

A game to my liking. The only thing I miss is a save function.

Thx for reply.

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How deep is the dungeon? And how much time, approx., does it take to finish the game? Asking as the game won’t let me save my progress.

Nice game, though I never bothered to finish it as I, like others, had issues with the saves. Every time I had reached far into the dungeon, the “continue game” threw me back to level 1 again.

At first, I didn’t get the grip of this game, but after having been transported to the gulag a couple of times for “rehabilitation”, I learned to obey the Great Leader. Enjoyed it.


Fyndigt med namnpresentationen  på tavlorna.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play the game to end, as it crashed on all three attempts (using firefox).  Nice introduction, though.

"The game is a bit rough around the edges, but I hope you had fun".
Yes, I had.

... and I'm glad I asked. It was really enjoyable.

Escape Room community · Created a new topic Jim Fidler

Took me a while to escape, as I got hooked on the telly.
This is such a terrible game, it made me laugh ... and things that make me laugh, I rate highly.
5 stars.

Yes, full screen solved it. Thx for reply.

Keyboard issue: when the character jumps (space), the window scrolls.

When the game ends, and you say to yourself "oh no, I had wanted some more levels", you realize you have had a good time in front of the computer.

I'm impressed by people, who have the knowledge to create little masterpieces like this.