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so sexy! Love when they are enjoying it. nice touch when you grab a girl that already had a turn. more positions and boobs please.

drawing at the top of the page, hand on spray paint is backwards. 

Super cute. It gave me motion sickness after a bit though LOL. Soooo many lets play videos in the comments. wow


I thought of a few interesting ways that this story could have gone,but it never went near there. Anemia? that's it? It had a lot of build up to nothing. The writing of her masturbating had better descriptions. Just kinda slapped together.

I feel dumb now lol. got it

I can't go under the floating island to get to the other side so I can get up there. It's that first rock under the island I can't get past, no matter what form

Hmmmm, won't let me extract the folder. weird

yea....then what? I can't shoot the lever. the rock is in the way

I can't get to any levers in that level.

It works now...but I'm stuck. it's the level that he says "I kill myself, yet I never die"

OH. windows 10

Is this game randomly generated? cause there are times that you get blockedand have no where to go. this game cheats :P I really like it though

Couldn't open the game. extracted it then kept clicking on the application and it never did anything.

Mine lagged a lot and there was no way to get out the game except ctrl alt del

I really wanted to play this game. I kept having issues with it loading very very slowly. then in the game play (I only got down the first street) for him to crouch down, he puts the kid down. now in order for me not to be seen, I need to crouch and walk. well I can't leave the kid there so why can't I crouch with the kid in my arms and walk? how is this possible? I gave up after 3 or 4 attempts bc the loading took for ever every time.

How do you save progress? (on any game, really)