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Endless Mørtal ßøŋð

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I do not have any chronic problems that im aware of but there are aspects of this i feel as an AFAB person

Edit: just double checked the definition and i infact do have a few cronic illnesses 

Smash 10/10

adore the art! The story is amazing and oh my god Mycheal is so cool! 10/10

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6/10 for me, i like it but some of the art choices were a bit odd 

Upon replaying the game (i wanted to look at the story again) turns out i had a weird bug so uh the real rating is 9/10  :)

thank you for making a game that does justice to the femdoms

Reminds meof Exibit of Sorrows and i love it! Also i like just tapping his nose :p

Holy shit 11/10 

im a horror lover and this! This got me 

As soon as i broke the music box i felt off

Ngl hot af

Could not seduce


(Seriously though its a good game, only 4/5 because i had a few issues)

Ngl dudes hot

Amazing!! Always loved your first game, played on repeat so im so exited

Ngl kinda hot

lmao dw, honestly your games are perfectt keep it up! I would support more if i could bestie

Wonderful!! This is a great game

He kinda cute ngl, id let him do whatever he wants

The engine they used to make this doesnt support moble