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Thank you for making the only visual novel ever

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I don't usually have the attention span for writing, but from the bundle of solo RPGs I bought this one caught my eye and I was surprised to find myself plotting whole tangles of story arcs for these characters. The love interest options were creative--I really vibed with the eldritch horror types--and there was plenty of room for diverse scenarios thanks to the game's inclusive nature and fantastical setting.

I admit to tweaking the rules to allow for things like getting back together with exes (unless I missed a rule relating to that) and relationships shifting from romantic to other forms such as companionate/aromantic. In the end, my character ended up in the latter situation with three others after resolving a tense conflict involving eldritch cults, which I found to be a satisfying and heartwarming conclusion after a string of poor dice rolls :D Many thanks for this game! Helped me relax after stressful days and got me in a rare writing mood.