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I got 3.1

its because you need to go there then time travel

In chapter 2 if you look at the map, look up to the roof, then to the right and down a bit and there is some bars after you posses one of the moose dudes and kill the other that's where I turned into a puddle, then I restarted chapter 2 and beat the game for the first time, by the way I love this game so much I've played about 5 or 6 times.

I'll play throught it again and try to remember where it was.

I played through again and I only came across one glitch when trying to slip through the bars where I turned into a puddle and had to restart again, not trying to be rude by saying that just trying to let you know about flaws, so you can fix them.

Great game, but I fell through the floor when exiting an enemy and turned into a puddle on the ground and had to restart the level, which was almost over.

Great game, I recommend a more powerful and modern computer because the game crashed my computer on my first playthrough, but overall it is a great game, I would love more updates.

Takes about a minute to load but the experience is great. Pretty high quality so maybe you'd want to use a more modern computer to play.


thats the point you're only supposed to build the weapon then do nothing after you click ok

I may have found one of the best weapons in the game

Thanks man, I watched a tutorial on the downloadable version, but that one has 25 endings and only some are the same.

nevermind figured it out thx

I'm just confused about how to open the files after I open the photos file

I love it, as I play it reminds me more and more of my old PC with windows 98, 5 out of 5 will definitely come back.

this game sux

I love it

I f****** love it