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download the files extract it using win.rar and use a vr player please check our how to use section for links

we got hacked and just got our account back we are just re-uploaded the different versions now. It was better to remove everything and reupload content that's clean to protect you guys. You will see a second none quest version appear in a hour or so from now.

this has been re added

no its a vr video ^^

can you be more specific? The files are currently on itch's servers so any download issues is not on our end and to do with their CDN network

can you sent me an img on discord so i can see what you mean?  Shallteir#3304

a build has now been added for quest 2

a build has now been added for quest 2

a build has now been added for quest 2

i'll look into it an get an update out!

will do soon!

what device are you using

no sorry

what device are you using i dont think it will work on the quest

glad you like it! 

ive adjusted an itch setting a day or so ago where you should just download all the parts then you unzip them all in order are you able to download each zip file ok now?

on itch or when you download the zip files? 

let me double check, did you unpack all the files in order? 

ah right ok that was an itch setting ive changed it now should work i think 

can you message me a screenshot thats very odd

yes you can its the side button

steam doesn't like video focused products X_X 

(1 edit)

thanks for understand its been uploading all day sorry for the wait! (links are all fixed now )

will fix this asap

hi there sure one moment will update when tis fixed again i might look for a different service since dropbox keeps causing issues 

sorry we had something werid happen with links let me fix that 

hi there so sorry about this dropbox was having issues  im switching the links to a better solution since dropbox is being a dingus