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Amazing atmosphere and graphics! 

And I'm not going to lie to you, I did some jump scares.

A great portrayal of the atmosphere of an abandoned place, the game gradually builds up which makes it feel more realistic and immersive, and the ending leaves a great impression and also questions. I hope this will be developed in the full version.

I am definitely looking forward to what will be added next!

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The game is unique and have that vibe of some slow pacing movies. For me story is great (as not natvie english speaker i don't know i understand everything correctly), the are great moments in game but dont feel them right because you are little bored similarities of scenes. Love the scenes transition, i fell like be in the movie.
I think you'll appreciate the game the most after you've finished it.

Great game! Even though the story is simple, it drew me in.  What I would improve is the movement, sprint doesn't always work.

I can't download via itch app

Pretty good game with nice visuals. I am waiting for more!

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The action could have happened a little faster but very good visuals and atmosphere! It reminds me a lot of "Rubber Johny" by Chris Cunningham.