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and with this you officially become the person who has had the high score for the most weeks! woot woot!


hey there! you’re not the first person to ask, but the wait is part of the fun of tetrible :)

nice! keep it up, i love seeing people posting high scores!

i only make one version available every tuesday, so this one won’t be around for a while… but you can get a new broken t*tris variant every week!

wow, i didn’t even know you could do that in this level! and i’m the one who made it 🥲

anyways, congrats deedeeen on your temporary high score, you won’t be forgotten! 💪

yup, it’s an old build. not every feature was present/polished. but don’t worry, next tuesday i’ll upload a more recent version!



wow nice! this version is surprisingly difficult


hey sorry, i know it’s been a bit slow these days. i’m probably going to make more versions at some point but right now i’m working on other projects.

dang that’s impressive!

sorry cant repro


nice! this version is definitely one of the hardest i’ve made

also, congrats on becoming the #2 highest scorer as of this week :D

nice! i’ll put it up in the high scores, please tell me if you’d like me to credit you under a different name

yeaah i know, i’ve had personal stuff coming up these past few weeks, and i’m working on other projects atm. but i really want to make more versions eventually!

woot woot

yeah i know right! it’s the worst

nice !

nice score! is it for double tetrible?


congrats! i’m happy to see you’re enjoying the reruns :)


yea this one really be like that


hi everyone, thanks for your patience! i swear i’ll have the versions rotate automatically someday….

yeah i know, i’ll try to fix that at some point but optimization is always tricky

i’m in france, but also: i’m late more often than not

thanks nick

uhhhhh i just uploaded an old version because i forgot we were tuesday. but hey, i’m glad you like it! :D

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only if there is a valid spot for food onscreen! there are too many cases i can’t really predict right now so i think i’ll keep it to 10 deaths = defeat.

another update :

  • the random apple generation does not use a mixed bag system for the columns any more, because i realized you can just drop only i pieces for free t*tris/all clears. however each column still has an equal chance of being chosen.

update : i was wrong. i told the apple to spawn on the board above any existing piece, but i included the current piece in “any existing piece” by mistake… meaning the apple would never spawn under the current piece, i.e in the middle. but hey, it’s fixed now!

uploaded an update to snaketrible with the following fixes :

  • the random generation of “apples” has been improved. they will now spawn equally on each column with a mixed bag system, including in the middle.
  • locking a piece with any block above the board will now trigger a game over (for more clarity on how to lose in this specific game mode)
  • losing your piece ten times in a row, by colliding with another one or the side of the board, will now trigger a game over (in order to solve soft locks)

i’m crediting you as seckswrecks in the description if that’s ok for you


yeah i know there are tons of glitches in this one. i’m not sure how to solve this, maybe just trigger a game over if you lose your piece n times in a row

(1 edit)

nice trick! the apple generation is random but you’re like the tenth person to say it never spawns in the middle which is really starting to make me doubt myself about this! i’ll double check my code just to make sure