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I can't place residents, and there's no tutorial?? I love the idea, I'm just confused.

I played this for quite a few hours, it was a lot of fun!  The only suggestion I have is to get rid of the radar or make it less tedious.  That was the only part that was dreadful.

Unplayable! I tried to launch the game and it gave me an error

I really love this game! But I can't figure out how to save D:

I am unable to find a way to pause the game when I have to step away.  I would rather not have the timer running when I need to use the bathroom.  

This is very cool!  I wish there was a plus or minus number in parentheses next to the price tag to tell you how much it changed from the base.

For examples, let's say the base price for something is $40, when an island/city wants to buy it for $45, it would show "$45 (+5)" Now you know your profit for each item is $5.

I say this because it's frustrating to go back and forth between the bag and the city shop.

It is very hard to select any of the vehicles, and when I can I can't get them to shovel the trash.