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Henrique Fernandes

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Hello, I would like to know if you published the same game on Newgrounds under this username:

I don’t know if you are the original developer or just a stealer, but if both of these are the OG creator, a friendly reminder to link your game/profile from these platforms to others that you use. For Ex: put a link of your newgrounds profile on your itch profile and vice-versa.

I will put the same message on that profile just in case.

I think this game entered on a limbo.

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it worked nicely on Wine.

also it does not have an linux version due to the program being built on Adobe AIR, an framework that no longer has linux support sadly.

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Finally, something that isn’t just EEEAAAOOOEEOOOEEAAAAA

(jokes aside, this is a solid game, I hope the game launches as fine wine)

A major problem this game has is that you can shoot the targets even if they had already got shot, making the game really exploitable in question of making points, anyways the game is nice, an good time waster

Even if the game is not as complete or stable, You had a lot of free time for the art, it’s great.

We are using Steam.

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Check out your email, You seem like a good fit.

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Thanks you for the comment!

PS: Sou BR tambem

Is nice

One of the best of the jam for me

I don’t download this game via itch desktop because the game isn’t marked as a windows game

Good Art, Good History, Good Game

yo kruno

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I think the developer abandoned the game, he didn’t make any updates years ago and also don’t responded my email about a glitch in the game weeks ago, dammit the game was so nice

Here a image about it

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There’s another problem your game should not go in another website to download the game or file (like dropbox), the game should be downloaded directly in and not in a different website, otherwise itch desktop throw a error

The game is really great but the download needs to mark as a windows game otherwise in itch desktop the software throw a error

I played on NG, for now this is my favorite 3D game made in engines like PICO-8

The only thing that i recommend for you to do is report the problem for the developer, pm ninjamuffin99 i think he can help the situation

When you see the black screen press enter, that will show the title screen, and then you can play the game

What version of the game do you use? The web or the pc version?

If is web is because sometimes the game makes errors when preloading, happened a lot with me in the newgrounds version, i recommend using the pc version if it is the case

This Didn’t age well

I normally use ccleaner for that, it works

I think it happens when you play the browser and the pc version of the game, if it is the case try making a clean on your browser or pc

We all know what is coming

Tried to play this game on NG, My chrome suffers

When it get reinstalled, the game start glitching and sometimes freezes, but it has no problems using the web version