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the AI is really funny man.

The ending did catch me off guard, I was expecting the ending to be it hides in one of the feeding rooms when the in is closed, but since it didnt I thought there would be something else. good game tho

very cool! thank you for replying

how do I type in the console?

very interesting and promising

can you make this a full game please its a very interesting idea!


wow that was really cool

ok, I'm not rushing or anything, I'm just saying it's a very cool game.

Very Cool, Nice Game, Only Question, Is There More?

amazing game. I loved this, and now Im going to play the second one.(If it is the second on lol.)

ok, thanks!

ok so I at this time, had a bug where the wizard went UP and softlocked the game, remeber, this is the first part of it. but I've finished the game now. It was good!

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do you have to dump all humans on job 3?

Yes can someone please answer this question of what your supposed to do?

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I loved it. the time limit did make me a bit anxious and thats amazing, because one time I was going up from mining and saw that the timer was already done so I got there as quick as I could. It was a good thing I was hauling what I would need to auto repair it. But after I found out the secret to ultimate speed, it was fine. I love the game and can't wait for it to come out on steam which actually ask's the question: Will the full game be free?

OK, I can wait. It's a fun game though. so it will be worth it.

I can't wait for the new content coming for this!

nvm sorry I found out lol.

what button do you press to start the game and close the menu screen?

and there goes a full quarter of my clicks left on my mouse before it breaks, this game was a factor to it.

If you go fast enough, and save the syringes for when the parisite is close to killing you, because the syringe resets where the parasite is to the bottom, you can get through 3 levels, then on 4, you can use a syringe.

I keep restarting the game to check for extra syringes and other (maybe) things, also, in the third level, I went so fast for that syringe that was in the bottom right corner that the test subject lit turned a full 180 then when I got out of that room another full 180.