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Omg I thought this was another demo I'm so excited!

"I love them" + "I want what they have." 馃槶

Please the writing and timing in this is so funny and compelling I love everyone. 馃槶

I finally beat all three Guardians in one go, but unfortunately I can't truthfully say I had much fun? The game's systems feel so obscure, even after reading through the Secret Notes, and the recipe attributes feel too random. It's too much work to feel rewarding.

I'm crying now 馃挋

This was great! I can't wait for the next update.

I got the culprit right before I opened the trial, but with the wrong murder weapon.

Are there plans to eventually give Gin some romance action? The sex is fun but I want more of him lmao.

Oh man I love dragons. One of my first OCs is a reclusive magnum-donged ice dragon man.

This did it; thanks! I hung out with Grisus a few times and that made it work.

Holy shit, 'pre-CoVID' was years ago, huh. I can barely believe it.

Brown cow? Stunning.

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Is there a way to get nsfw with Aero right now or is that a Patreon-only thing? He's said he wanted to talk more, but not much happened after that.

Sweet, thanks! I hadn't been sure whether anyone else ran into it because I haven't read anything regarding it. ;u;

If this matters to anyone else, a quick fix is saving the game, editing the file with a text editor to reflect your name, and reloading it.

I've restarted three times but the game still says nothing instead of the name I typed.  :<

I think I may have run into a bug? I've made six Heat Occisia for Bernard's fever, but nothing happens when I go to the Shop besides the 'Leave' option.