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Wow what a take, "this class of people are illegal because we've arbitrarily decided to make it that way even though up until the 90's it wasn't actually a crime."

If we don't factor in that semantic bullshit, immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes (because, y'know, they have a lot more to lose for even minor offenses no one cares about). If they weren't being persecuted, they might do things like join unions and demand higher wages. The persecution of immigrants is kind of why pay sucks for some jobs, because businesses can exploit those workers and threaten to turn them in if they complain.

It's almost as if companies who are paying undocumented immigrants below minimum wage are manufacturing a situation to make the lives of their workers hell so that they can keep their wages low. It's almost as though your own life, personally, would be improved if we didn't spend an absurd amount of resources putting migrants into labor camps and instead reformed our immigration policy so that these people could legally exist in the US and have a path to citizenship.

Of course, you better not have smoked any fucking pot or broken any laws yourself if you're going to be calling people criminals for trying to work for a living.