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Hi, I enjoyed this game a lot, especially the background with the music and when you discover the game, you are lost and try to survive and discover all this wonderful  stuff.

I managed to finish the game with all characters ! (first time with battlemage, then  Psycho (easy), archmage, illusionnist and finally with lich) but please remove the artefact bug :

frequently, when you pick up an artefact the game freeze on the artefact screen. When you want to do an usual game and try to gain a lot of artefacts to power up, you cant win ! the game will freeze . So you must avoid artefact zone, it's too bad. I had this bug 3 parties in a row with Lich, one game I had 80 water mana (cause I had 8 spells and the frozen rings), I was really disappointed.

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Little Land or Big City ? I enjoyed this game a lot !

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Awesome ! Remind me old hard Megadrive shoot that I played a lot which are looping like Tastujin, Twin hawk etc... Here's my score after one morning training  !

Also I didn't notice the bombs in the beginning and I thought it was maybe the most difficult shoot I ever played, I reached to the boss of level 7 without using any bombs !

Very nice game, I'm always dying near waves 130 because I run out of ammo, any clue to help me ?