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Are you considering making the island more island shaped? Or even adding multiple starting island choices w/ rivers so that it's easier to alter? I understand that these would be rather difficult to do, but it would make it so much easier!

Sure why not!

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Amazing game! I love how it works.

I can't seem to get one of the endings, but I feel like I've tried everything!

Edit: nvm. I thought I'd gotten the Nil ending, but I actually hadn't.

Made a cute witch!

Beautiful Game! I somehow messed up the boat puzzle and I didn't save before it. I really wanna know what happens if you beat it but at the same time I don't really wanna go through half the game for what's probably not much. Could anyone tell me what happens if you beat it?


Bunny Girl I made! She doesn't have a name or anything yet but she's super cute!

Aaaahhhh so cute