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Really good graphics. Unfortunately I text started overlapping for me when I played for a few minutes, not sure what was going on but it made it difficult for me to play :(

Really fun game, good graphics and great music. Unfortunately I didn't finish, I kind of got frustrated by the ground collisions and the jumping so I didn't get past level one :(
But I enjoyed what I played of it.

Solid platformer, very nice controls and music. I just wish I knew how to get rid of that acorn and save my little friend 😢

Ah, you're the first person to mention the sliding from mushrooms, sorry you experienced that, glad it didn't spoil your experience too much though :)

Thanks 👍

For sure something we'd improve if we continued working on this is the controls but I'm glad you were able to enjoy the game despite that.

Thanks for the compliments, Prince of Persia is a good game so I'm glad ours reminds you of it.

Ha, fair point on the pixel mode, it was just a little something fun we added but something we'd take out if we were to continue the game. 

Thanks, for the compliments and the critique on the controls, we've had that from a few people now so definitely something we'll tweak.

I like the idea and the squelching sound when the player moves, although I did find this quite hard. The enemies are just too good at shooting :(

Best audio from a game I've played in the jam. Really like the idea and the fact this game can be played with your eyes closed. By the way, what does FAD stand for?

Nice idea, really hard game. A lot of the bugs spawned away from the direction I was facing so was impossible to catch them :(

Really clever game because it has two types of bugs, the player and the environmental ones. Great puzzles and nice helpful tips around the levels.

Wow, the glitch effect on this game is top. I like the environments and the gameplay, just wish the difficulty increased a bit quicker.

I really like the direction of this game, changing the code to enable features. I don't know if I was doing something wrong but I had an issue that made it difficult to see what was going on in Chrome.

It worked in Firefox though   👍

This game is really fun. I enjoyed dashing around collecting things and killing enemies.

Thanks for your review, yeah we didn't have enough time to flesh it out but maybe we'll make it a bit longer in the new year.

Thank you for your kind comment :)

Nice, glad you enjoyed the game and liked the graphics  👏

Thank you for your kind commnet. Really glad you liked the game.

Thank you for your compliments and for finishing the game. Don't worry, you're not the only one who wishes there was more to our game. We'll do our best to add more to it in the coming year.

Thank you so much. We'll keep you posted when/if we update it.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you found it impressive. Yes, there is definitely room for improvement with the sounds and lighting, something we will look into when/if we have some time.

Love this, such a fun simple game. Like the way it looks and the controls feel tight.

Simple, fun puzzle game. I found parts of it quite difficult but like the concept.

I like the way the whole thing ended, was completely unexpected very nice work. The encore and theatre theme really makes sense now.

Very impressive looking game and I love the style, kind of reminds me of 'A Short Hike'. I'm surprised you created a game this good looking in the jam. I finished the game but I only spoke to the character in the church, I didn't realise there were more people to talk to 🤦

Yey fun game... I was a winner:) What does the score at the end mean? 

Great munching sound and you really tested my short term memory with where to find those apples!

Really like the lighting and shadows on this game. I couldn't quite figure out how the jumping worked. Sometimes I'd jump too high and sometimes not high enough :(

Nice to see another game with a female protagonist :) 

It would have been cool to have a couple more cats causing mischief so you have reason to move around and jump on the levels. I hung near the cat and felt quite mean whacking it every time it woke up!

This is a fun game, I like this game. Great idea, great driving controls, I killed all 8 Neos in one car by running over them.

The graphics were so good on this game my browser couldn't handle it, the framerate suffered but I still managed to kill some enemies. Really nice 3D models and lighting.

Oh my goodness I laughed and jumped SO much at this game- my husband kept asking what I was doing. He's playing now!

Honestly I LOVED how trippy this game was and the unexpected journey it takes you on. I'm so sorry I had to give up on the maze section though because a spider killed me and it was way too realistic and scary😂

Very cool game, reminds me of Portal. I like the graphics, the shaders, and the voice acting is really cool. I found the mouse a bit too sensitive for me, but I had a really fun time.

Fun AND educational! - I was today years old when I found out what I found out at the end of this game 😂 (Don't want to give any spoilers if people see this before playing!) 

Wow-what a game. Very Japanese. I like the colours and the character designs. I wasn't very good on the DDR sections though :(

Graphis are really impressive and I like the disco theme. The controls took a while to get used to and it's difficult to tell if I'm hitting and have killed an enemy. Also, really great music.

Those spiders spawn fast!! I tried really hard but couldn't get back to the ant hill after killing the boss in the first level - had fun trying though :)

Really interesting game. I like the premise and the sneaking mechanic/ai you've got in place. I failed and had to start over a lot. If you do decide to work on this game in the future I think more checkpoints would be helpful  😊

Using the latest version of Chrome on a mac... Was having a happy time and enjoying playing- but the character keeps disappearing and I can't continue 🤷‍♀️

Enjoyed the packman throwback and the aerosol can/lighter combo reminds me of my youth 😂

haha and I was proud of my score ... I think I got 965 or something 😂

Totally appreciate the lack of time. We also had to sacrifice a bunch of ideas because of a busy month also!