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Such a cool game, super impressed at how addictive this is. I don't know if there's a way to remove thing you've added by accident but that would be helpful :)

Really enjoyed this game, yeah definitely needs more levels.

Such a cool game. Love the water effects and the use of shaders. I'm still trying to figure out how you changed the colour of the jet ski when it's under water. 

Also the music!!! Didn't know 01010111 could produce 8-bit tunes, so good. Especially for the first race track.

Really cool. Congrats on releasing your first HaxeFlixel game by the way :)
Hope this is the first of many.

I take that back, it's not inconsistent I was clicking on the catapult instead of the bomb. It's a small surface area but it makes a bit difference :)

Animations and art for this game are really good, however I couldn't figure out what to do or where to go :(
Maybe a map or arrows would help?

I found this game quite difficult to play on my desktop machine because the clicking and dragging isn't always consistent. Would it be possible to have this in a new window/tab?

Such a cool game, can't believe it was made in a weekend. Is it possible to get past stage 6?

Addictive game, such cool mechanics. Can't believe you did all this in the jam.

Fun game, the art is really good

Really cool design, love the art.

Thanks for making the game available on Macs :)
Unfortunately there is an issue :( It opens and the immediately closes.

We had this issue before and I think it might have something to do with the wait itch zips games. Try zipping it on your end first before uploading it.

Cool, looking forward to trying it :)

Thanks, we're glad you enjoyed it. We post game updates on Discord faster than we do on Itch so feel free to check it out if you're interested.

Thanks for the tip, unfortunately it didn't work :( We had a similar issue with our game Scales when we uploaded it to Itch so we zipped it on the mac before uploading it and that worked. Maybe that will help?

Really fun game, surprised this works in a browser so well.

Looks like there's a problem with the mac version. I'm getting this error.

“BOMBASTIC v1.0” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Such a cool game. I really enjoyed playing it.

Very nice game. I had fun playing it.

Ah I didn't think of doing that. Yes that works, thank you 👍

I downloaded this game for mac, double clicked to open it and it just closes itself automatically :( 
Any idea on how to fix it?

Debut game of husband and wife dev team, hellolightbulb.

Scales (Demo)

Pangolins are the most trafficked mammals on the planet- yet most people have never heard of them. 

Help our endangered hero Scales navigate her way through increasingly treacherous levels to defend and free her scaly friends from the clutches of evil poachers. Scales has evolved so her natural instinct to roll quickly into a ball is not only a defence mechanism, but also an incredibly effective attack against enemies.

This single player platformer has simple and accessible controls, arrow keys navigate. Defeat enemies by jumping on their backs, some larger foes will require multiple attacks to defeat them. Engage in conversations with interesting characters and accept their challenges.

As first time game releasers we are so keen to get plugged into the indie game community and hear what you all think about our game. Feedback, suggestions and obviously compliments are most welcome! :)

Good idea! We'll look into it :)

Hey thanks so much! We're working hard to release the finished game in 2020 :)

Hey Sashbros Studios! Thanks so much for the feedback, really appreciate it. If you press the down key when on a hollow surface, such as a branch you roll into a ball and can kill an enemy below. We might need to find a way to make that more obvious! :)